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January 03, 2008
Kiran Dhanwada

One of the interesting fallouts of some mindless browsing is that you come across a few tools which are brilliant. One of the very important lessons I have learnt in my life on the Net is to always bookmark when you come across some good stuff - because there is such huge junk out there, quality just doesn’t get noticed frequently - and the probability of finding that good stuff back is always going to be tough.

How many times have you found asking yourself ‘wish I had a list of all important tools on some link’, but never bothered to maintain the link in spite of coming across a few good tools? I have done it so many times - however, better late than never - the following are probably some of the tools (in no particular order and all of them free) that would help at some point or another. If you have not learnt your lesson already, this is the time to learn - bookmark this blog post immediately.

1) Omnidrive is a universal storage platform that keeps your files in one place on the web instead of many places on your desktop and devices. Omnidrive users enjoy all the benefits of web storage without losing the interfaces and performance of conventional local storage. High performance and minimal latency. 1GB is offered under the free version (it would cost $70 for a 10GB version). I guess 1GB suits my purpose very well.


2) Online PDF Converter - How about a scenario where you start doubting the purpose of life (just kidding!) when you do not have a word -> pdf converter installed on your PC? What if, you can’t install any software on your PC (because of restricted permissions), yet you need to convert word/image -> pdf (happened with my friend recently). Online PDF Converter convert MS Office, Images, Web Pages, Vector Graphic Formats, CHM and HLP files to PDF. They also have tools for PDF -> Word/Excel. Check it out. Pretty good stuff for free.

3) Editing a photograph online - Hmmmm, I was tired of the features in MS Paint (or lack of them) and secondly, I wanted to do some photo-editing quickly - not wanting to use heavy software like Paintshop etc. Is there a online tool to solve the problem? Yup. Pixenate is an online photo editor. It has a bunch of features. The best part is - Simply upload your photo, edit it, and either save to disk or upload to Flickr. No need to register, just upload and run! Isn’t that cool?

4) Polls on the Web/Surveys - A tiring phenomena; lots of spam etc etc.! I understand, I understand - but if thrust upon by your supervisor to create a poll out of nowhere, what do I do? I google and find a tool.

- Zoho Polls is an online tool to create polls online and let others vote. 100% free. - Bravenet has got a whole list of online tools for the web, one of them the ability to create a form and the result is sent via e-mail (which by the way is increasingly an important feature for me).
- Freedback offers a free alternative as well.

5) Temporary Email - Now to one of my favorites. Slightly old on the market, but never mind - very important. How about this statement - “Please register. We will send the confirmation email to the address given’. Increasingly irritating, because the need usually is to use that service once and not let the junk destroy the sanctity of your mail box. Yes, you can create one email for ‘junk’ like this apart from the one for personal emails. But frankly, why do you want to? How about temporary email addresses? Use the bugmenot.com, mytrashmail.com or spambox online services. They offer you to get a temporary e-mail address - completely free and no registration required. Just enter the e-mail address of your choice and it will show you the e-mails sent to that address. Perfect for temporary e-mails.

6) Free Online Music - This had to be the creamer. I was tired of downloading/searching the right kind of music. The complex 3-D matrix of my taste, artist and mood was too much for my harddrive to take :). Anything available online - free and legal? You bet!

- Finetune - Awesome interface and player. More control over the music than other services like

- Pandora and full tracks available unlike

- last.fm (which by the way are not bad services at all)

Let me know if you come across any other interesting tools under any category absolutely. Would love to know them. I would also post on new tools/technologies I come across as and when under the this category.

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January 3, 2008
06:42 PM

welcome to DC:)

and if you do not mind, please explain the co-relation here:

THE ULTIMATE TRUTH! - A Resurrected Panini on Cocaine!

(btw the exclamation is redundant for the truth and unnecessary - imho - for the latter)

January 3, 2008
08:26 PM

@temporal - Thank you very much!

Exclamation after Ultimate truth is taken away - point taken. The other exclamation IMHO is to make a point - and hence necessary.

Anyways - distant correlation; it's more to do with the way I think and express myself :).

January 3, 2008
11:13 PM

Omnidrive is garbage, will steal your money, and doesn't work often. Did you read the forums? I would not recommend them to anyone since there is no way to get your money back once you have problems like the rest of us unsatisfied omnidrive customers.

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