The Most Viewed Pages on Wikipedia

November 23, 2007

Here are the top 100 pages viewed most frequently on English Wikipedia.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows leads the pack at number 3. Naruto is at 4. Given that I had to click on this shows you how ill informed I am. I knew this myself already.

Vanessa Anne Hudgens at 13 is ahead of Luciano Pavarotti. Yes, I had to click on Vanessa. Is this perhaps an indication of the average age of those hitting on Wikipedia?

Hypertext Transfer Protocol at 15 is ahead of List of sex positions at 17. Makes sense.

Adolf Hitler at 26 comes ahead of Britney Spears (27) and Masturbation (28). This one is harder to understand.

Anal sex at 43 is two ahead of India at 45, and Khajuraho or Kama Sutra are not on the list either.

At 69, Pornography comes ahead of George W. Bush at 70 who is ahead of The Beatles (71). At 69? Kya baat hai!  And the Beatles behind Dubya? Blasphemy of the highest order.

House (TV series) - my favourite at 85 is way ahead of my country Canada. Well, only the US, Germany and Japan figure in this list.

Jesus, Buddha, Confucius, Pope, Osama, Al Qaeda are AWOL from this list.

Video Games, Pop lead. Health, War, Politics is shunned. Global warming does appear at 59.

Wikipedia attracts a younger audience. I wonder if there is a hit list for Encyclopedia Britannica?

While searching for Britannica, I found Websites that changed the world

1: eBay 2. wikipedia 3. napster 4. youtube 5. blogger.com 6. friendsreunited.com 7. drudgereport.com 8. myspace.com 9. amazon.com 10. slashdot.org

Then there is the Web 100 Top RankingsThese lists remind me of the New England Journal of Medicine. You will find studies to support almost any pre-conceived notion. (Please, note the emphasis on almost.)

love people who are in awe of words. words are the sole arbiter and the final survivor. desicritic editor, slave and slave-driver.
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November 23, 2007
11:15 AM

This tool shows the articles from the English Wikipedia that are viewed most.
Statistics have been running 22 days. This tool is still being tested. Some of the results may be false or misleading!

Deepti Lamba
November 23, 2007
11:42 AM

Adolf Hitler is more than Spears?? Is that good news or bad?

November 23, 2007
11:42 AM

Wikipedia can be misleading too

November 23, 2007
11:48 AM

Wikipedia can be misleading too

in another era (we are told) He used to regularly send down "messengers" when we were mislead

ah! those were the days...


November 23, 2007
11:56 AM

remind me of the joke cartoon:



November 23, 2007
01:30 PM

House MD and The Office are two of my most favourite shows! The current season of House MD rocks.

Naruto is so high up the order in _English_ stats?

Nice article temporal!

November 24, 2007
02:07 AM

Video Games

Actually not quite accurate. Guitar Hero is right up at the top and that IS a video game :)

So are Halo 3, Wii, PS3, Xbox 360, Rock Band all related to video games.

And distantly related is "List if Wii Games"

November 24, 2007
02:08 AM

Oops.. Missed this one..
WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2008

David Gerard
November 24, 2007
09:02 AM

Note that these are raw numbers of page hits. So the results should be taken as a rough guide only!

The hits on "Main Page" will be people just going to the site. The hits on "wiki" will not be because of a society-wide fascination with editable websites, but (I would guess) because people have typed "wiki" into a search engine. I suspect a lot of the sex-related hits will be disappointed porn seekers.

The question is what "popular" actually usefully means. Raw page hits demonstrably isn't quite it. "Pages with most hits gone to by people looking for information" is closer to what we're after, but there's the question of quantifying intent.

November 28, 2007
07:24 AM

It's interesting to know

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