Ajmer Blasts - The Lamp Continues to Illuminate

October 14, 2007
Raza Rumi
Agar Gaiti Sarasar Bad Girad,
Chiragh-e-Chishtiyan Hargiz Namirad

If the entire universe is devastated by the storm
the lamp of Chishtiyan shall not cease to illuminate

Just as Eid announcements were made where I live, the sad news of bomb blasts in India were splashed all over TV channels. In particular, the blast in Ajmer Shareef - opposite the dargah - was shocking. Despicable and pusillanimous!

How could the enemies of peace target a shrine that is above the Muslim/Hindu and other formal identities. Ajmer is the fulcrum of a Sufi practice and represents the broad spiritual syncretism and consensus in South Asia!

The reaction of authorities was quite predictable as if an automated, pre-recorded message was ready with the not so imaginative officials:

"Union Home Ministry sources in Delhi said it was a terror strike in which militants had used a low-intensity improvised explosive device.

They said the terror outfits, including Pakistan-based Lashkar-e-Taiba, were against Sufi Islam and they could be prime suspects behind the blast which came barely 10 days ahead of the meeting of Indo-Pakistan anti-terror mechanism here on October 22... "
However, the latter has some validity as we have a track record where the extremist elements always resist any progress towards the much-needed peace. Let us not be daunted by this cowardice.

But this is so so sad. Though in the words of the devotees:
Ilahi ta-abd-astana-i-yar-rahe
Yeh-asra-hai-gharibon-ka-barqarar rahe

Oh God, may this Shrine of the beloved exist till the last day
may this refuge of the poor remain forever!
My fellow blogger Ifaqeer reacted with these eloquent words:
"this reminds us is that there are greater, more transcendent things in this world than nations, states, and even faith communities--and, especially within South Asia, if we don't start standing up for principle, for what is right, across boundaries, communities, and groups, we all lose.

This is not just being something that is mindless violence. This is not a case where one can say "Who would want to hit a place that that stands for peace, the unity of humanity, and syncretism?" and shake one's head. We should all consciously recognize that there are those in this world--and they are in the ascendant right now in a lot of our communities and countries--whose whole philosophy, worldview, outlook, call-it-what-you-will--and , even more importantly, their political fortunes--are tied to inflexible intolerance of "the other"."

Pakistanis such as Ifaqeer are insisting that on this Eid, we're not all completely happy; that an attack on Khwaja Gharib Nawaz's home is an attack on all of us - all Muslims, and all South Asians.

The news now of bomb blasts in Ludhiana in a movie theatre are equally despicable and deliver much grief to the victims' families and all members of South Asian society. The resilient nature of our society will make it impossible, however, to cause any lasting perturbations and the light will continue to illuminate, both in Ajmer, and in peoples' hearts  

Raza Rumi is a Pakistani blogger interested in art, culture and Sufism.
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October 14, 2007
01:43 PM

thanks for this raza:

while words may not always soothe and have the desired effect (for the deceased and their families) gestures such as yours are also needed

while the world probes in the dark to find an effective solution to dastardly terrorism attacks against civilians ... against innocent civilians of any color, religion, country or political affiliation... what can be done realistically to thwart it?

i know i am being overtly simplistic

Ruvy in Jerusalem
October 14, 2007
04:31 PM


With your permission, I'm forwarding this article to the Islamic Institute yahoo list of Sheikh Professor Abdulhadi Palazzi, a Sufi legal scholar who lives in Italy.

Truly a sad day for mankind....

October 14, 2007
05:43 PM

thank you for your comment ruvy:

Truly a sad day for mankind....

in occupied territories every day a civilian is killed by state sponsored terrorism is a sad day for mankind!

October 14, 2007
10:39 PM

Yes,a terrible thing.

How terrible it is to hate so much...

Imagine if one was being loving with as much force, and as little discrimination...

October 15, 2007
06:36 AM

"the light will continue to illuminate" well said!

gulon se lipti titaliyon ko giraa kar dekho...
ai aandhiyon tumne darakhton ko giraya hoga...


October 15, 2007
11:03 AM

The last lines of the article" the resilient nature of our society......" makes me wonder whether such resilience is a virtue or a positive thing and whether it is we who have not been direct victims (yet) of such terrorist attacks find satisfaction and hope in the "resilience" of those who have been the victims-taking their helplessness for resilience and banking on such resilience in the absence of a concerted movement for reform in the society

Ruvy in Jerusalem
October 15, 2007
12:07 PM

Temporal, when you condemn on two legs with a loud voice the shit the Pakistani government does all over its territory to all of its minorities; when you condemn on two legs and a loud voice the persecution of Bengladeshi journalists who dare have contact with Jews; when you condemn on two legs and with a loud voice all the shit the Molems try to pull, INCLUDING TERROR ATTACKS AGAINST INNOCENT CIVILIANS IN MY COUNTRY EVERY FUCKING DAY - then and only then will you have a right to open your trap about the efforts of the IDF to protect the Jewish population of Israel with one hand tied behind its back.

In the meantime your incessant whining smacks of the nastiest hypocrisy one can dream of.

You support terrorist ingrates who go to war with their fellow Arabs and haven't even the brains to preserve the greenhouses stolen from Jews in Gush Qatif!

The Arabs want war - they are the ones who do the drive by shootings at Shilo junction, they are the ones who destroyed Joseph's tomb; they are the ones who are systematically destroying the Temple Mount and the remains of Solomon's Temple. They are the ones who launch Qassams and Grad rockets and missiles at S'derot every fuckin' day.

So if Arab terrorists die fighting the IDF, that is fine with me.

The more terrorists die at our hands, the better it is for mankind. It is one of the few good things that happen on any given day.

Sorry for the rant, Raza. Some people have no sense of class or gratitude....

October 15, 2007
12:53 PM


your faux righteous indignation and whining is utterly repetitive and worse, so predictable that it borders on the ridiculous...


this is what i wrote in #3:

in occupied territories every day a civilian is killed by state sponsored terrorism is a sad day for mankind!

and in case you do not get it again, i have emboldened civilians

Ruvy in Jerusalem
October 15, 2007
04:23 PM

Which occupied territories, Temporal - the illegally occupied territory that Pakistan sits on in Jammu and Kashmir? Did a civilian die there?

Indeed, deaths of civilians by caused by the state terrorism of the military regime in Rawalpindi is a tragedy for all mankind.

Or did you mean the death of a civilian (more like a couple of hundred of civilians) in the illegally occupied southern Sudan? Indeed, state terrorism by the savage regime in Khartoum is a tragedy for all mankind.

Did you perhaps mean the illegally occupied country of Tibet? Was there a death caused by the Chinese there? Indeed, state terrorism by the dictatorship in Peking is a tragedy for all mankind.

You see, there are lots of occupied territories where there is state terrorism. Judea and Samaria is also illegally occupied - by Arabs. And since they tend to call their terrorists "civilians," it gets hard to tell. Given that they are in rebellion against the legally constituted authority in this country, the Arabs are rebels.

When they put down their guns, they'll stop dying.

Go shove your bullshit somewhere else, Temporal.

October 15, 2007
04:51 PM

losing temper ruvy?

tch tch...try yoga;)

(so if perpetual whining does not work try raising the decibel levels? - sorry -- the invectives, foul language, low blows do not work with me ... this is no boot camp, ghetto or a slum)

you know perfectly well which occupied territories! ...the one you are occupying!

(and i know you are no rocket scientist ruvy)

Ruvy in Jerusalem
October 15, 2007
06:08 PM

"you know perfectly well which occupied territories! ...the one you are occupying!"

That is the point, Temporal.

You're never going to get to shovel that shit around again without a challenge from me - whether you like it or not. Too many Israelis will "go along to get along" - too many Jews too.

Not me.

I follow the Sufi scholar Sheikh Abdulhadi Palazzi, who states in no uncertain terms that the Qur'an grants this land to the children of Israel, and that Arabs have a religious obligation to help us settle here. Remember, it was a Sufi shrine destroyed by terrorists.

So get it clear in your head. I didn't cite the G-d of Israel for my authority, I cited the G-d of the Arabs. First of all, there is no such thing as "Palestine" or "Palestinians" - it's a good marketing ploy to legitimize killing Jews, and it has been working, hustled by all sorts of scumbags - from the CFR to the "anti-imperialists" who can't stand the CFR and who throw around $50 words in their attempts to explain themselves - to the "smiling Buddhas" who do little dances for joy when finding out that Jews have once more been kicked out of their homes - to the bought out Israeli crooks who actually authorize kicking Jews out of their homes. People named Peres, Olmert, and the rotting corpse once known as Ariel Sharon.

There are South Syrian Arabs who live here and who were driven out of a lot of cities and villages in 1948. And they do not deserve to live in refugee camps. No one does. But they have no right to the land that G-d - Allah if you will - granted to the Children of Israel. This is not their land at all - even if they have lived here for centuries - This is not by my word - I mean nothing. This is the Word of the G-d they worship.

Now take your pick:

Lay off attacking me and the land I live in - or face being challenged every single time you do.

I can be just as obnoxious as you are, if not more so.

October 15, 2007
06:33 PM


i do not invoke god/s or obscure sufi orders....just ground reality!

europeans attempted to eliminate and displace jews...

jews are trying to eliminate and displace palestinians

that was then, this is now

and i know you are no rocket scientist;)

Ps: go read #2..YOU used 'mankind'...hence what follows is justified...

Ruvy in Jerusalem
October 15, 2007
06:50 PM

I also invoke a reality on the ground, Temporal.

This is MY home - MY Land. Anyone - and I do mean anyone - who tries to drive me from it, dies by my hand. Or instead, if I can't kill him/her, I die.

End of discussion.

October 15, 2007
06:57 PM


NO - you did not invoke 'reality' (scroll and read your comment;)

NO - this is NOT your land - you usurped it

and this is the beginning


Ruvy in Jerusalem
October 15, 2007
07:34 PM

I guess we are just going t argue this out, aren't we?

No, Temporal, I won't back down either. You are the one who talks dismissively about "obscure Sufi orders" on an article about the destruction of a Sufi shrine, not I. I quote a Sufi legal scholar as my Moslem authority; I quote the Torah as my Jewish authority. My arguments all have the possibility of peace - peace that can illuminate and give life, dignity and prosperity and happiness to a people who have been taken advantage of for too long - the South Syrians.

You toss around the trash of the Husseini clan, the lies and hatred they have been pushing for 90 years about Jews imposing on them, and the the mythical "Palestine" and mythical "Palestinians" they invented in the 1960's, and your questions - not to mention your implied answers - only bring death, destruction and exploitation in their wake.

Reality: I am on the land that is mine. I will not move unless killed.

Reality: When you have both the Torah and Qur'an on one side of an issue, you have the issue. Here, in this part of the world, religion is the big deal.

Reality: A member of the Husseini clan ran to Hitler to convince him to murder Jews in Europe rather than murdering them in this country so as not to "litter" this country with the hated Yahud.
This means that a big reason that Europe is a Jewish graveyard goes back to the scum who called himself the "grand mufti" in Jerusalem - the scum called Amin Husseini. The hatred this man this man spawned in South Syrian Arabs has come back to bite them and cause them to be persecuted and driven from their homes.

So, after all, this is my country, and my rights to it are in two holy books, not one.

Finally, as I have told you all many times before, there will be a reconciliation of the Children of Abraham, and Arabs will sacrifice at the Temple of the G-d of Israel in Jerusalem, welcomed as brothers [Isaiah 60:7-8]. The only issue that remains is how many have to die before this happens.

October 15, 2007
10:26 PM


this is the classic self serving heads i win, tails you lose and it won't cut dice any more:

My arguments all have the possibility of peace - peace that can illuminate and give life, dignity and prosperity and happiness to a people who have been taken advantage of for too long

i abhor any civilian death at the hands of a terrorist individual, organisation or state anywhere in the world

if you subscribe to above acknowledge it here and we can discuss a workable peace plan that will allow for the coexistence of jews and palestinians in the land both call home in a just and honourable way....(god/s notwithstanding)


October 16, 2007
12:10 AM

In a BBC program presented by Dalrymple i saw tableegis urging fellow muslims not to attend a qawali because it was unislamic.Our eunuch government will never punish these criminals.

Ruvy in Jerusalem
October 16, 2007
05:43 AM

"i abhor any civilian death at the hands of a terrorist individual, organisation or state anywhere in the world...."

This is a nice sentiment, Temporal. The problem with it (aside from the British spelling) is that you need to define terrorist, organization and civilian. I have yet to see you denounce Arab terror in this country or Arab terror against this country, but you continually whine about our attempts to keep alive against this terror.

Why don't you write an article on the issue and I'll argue with you there, and we can stop hijacking this article?

October 16, 2007
05:58 AM

Or you can write the article, Ruvy:)

Ruvy in Jerusalem
October 16, 2007
06:06 AM


I've written extensively on this already. Let's see what Temporal can put forward and pick it apart.

October 16, 2007
07:19 AM

Let's focus the discussion on this article then to the tragedy at Ajmer and Ludhiana, then.

October 16, 2007
10:04 AM

Material destruction will not be able to deter spiritual determination. What India needs today is a generation of spiritually wise citizens.

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