TV Review: Channel 4, Dispatches - Religious Conversions

September 18, 2007
Dr Bhaskar Dasgupta

As a libertarian, I do not really give a toss about people wanting to change religions. I do have a problem with people taking upon themselves to go about shoving religion down people's throats, and more importantly, I think that organized proselytism is very dangerous and should be banned.

I just finished watching Channel 4, Dispatches. The first part talks about how the converts from Islam to Christian are ostracized, robbed, threatened, vandalized and you name it. And this in the middle of England.

There are 7 odd Muslim countries where apostasy is banned and the penalty is death, and in most other OIC countries, you will face worse issues. How the scripture says one thing, and how one can find almost anything to cover your hate. How you need to hide your apostasy and conversion from their ex-congregationists otherwise you will face serious repercussions.

The second part talks about how Christian Evangelicals, mainly from USA, go after the Muslims and try to convert them. The third part rounds it up by talking about how some convert to get asylum and sympathetic immigration facilities in the west, some individual cases on how people reacted when Muslims "came out". How the MCB has been silent on this issue before but now is slowly changing.

36% of young British Muslims polled said that apostasy should be punishable by death and the MCB wants to fix on it. The MCB said that 64% said that it shouldnt be, and I was a bit worried to hear that the chap said that it could be worse, 95% could be thinking that apostasy should be punishable by death!. Umm, this is a very strange way of looking at it.

But courageously, the spokesman publicly said, if somebody want to leave Islam, then British Muslims have no right in Islam to harm them in any shape or form. A bit more of this kind of banging on about this would help.

Also see an essay from a friend of mine, Ali Eteraz.

All this to be taken with a grain of piquant salt!!

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September 18, 2007
01:22 PM


shall i let you in on an open secret? apostasy is increasingly being used as a reason to claim 'refugee' status in the west;) (poor goras)

ali is right about there being no qur'anic injunctions of death to apostates

the real problem is backward societies...particularly muslim ones...where forget apostates, being gay or lesbian is also frowned upon driving them underground!

September 18, 2007
04:54 PM


I hear you, mate. But we arent really talking about backward societies in merry old ye england, are we? sighs.

September 18, 2007
05:00 PM

And the fact that we are in the united kingdom doesnt stop the sikhs from committing honour killings and it certainly does not stop the hindu's from actually taking/talking about (Not sure) legal action against churches on the banning of yoga!!

Bizarre, I tell you!

Man Singh
September 18, 2007
07:01 PM

For Muslims life stories of Mohammed are the laws if they have any misunderstanding or contradiction in Quarn.

The First Apostate was the compiler of Quran itself appinted by Mohammed (as Mohamemd himself was illetral).

The language of Quarn was set by this intelletual knows as Abdulla ibn Saud the scribe of Mohammed but after realising the fraud of Moahmemd he became an apostate. Mohammed kept quite untill he was week and preaching Mecca. But the moment he became pwoerful in Medina, immediately after attacking, capturing and plundering Mecca( as Many invaders did ti Hindu temples in India), he spaend no time in killing this apostate.

We need to go back around 1400 years behind for this information. It was 621 AD and after the death of Khadija, the Prophet's (pbuh) first wife. God's angel Gabriel speaks quite frequently to Mohammad and reveals the messages of Allah. Being illiterate, the Prophet (pbuh) had a faithful scribe by the name of Abdullah ibn Saud to write the messages of Allah while the Prophet (pbuh) dictated this (the message) in his state of trance. The occasion was the revelation of Sura 23 ("The believers"; translation by Pickthall). As Prophet (pbuh) started to murmur, Abdullah ibn Saud wrote:
23:12 Verily We created man from a product of wet earth;
23:13 Then placed him as a drop (of seed) in a safe lodging;
23:14 Then fashioned We the drop a clot, then fashioned We the clot a little lump bones, then clothed the bones with flesh, and then produced it as another creation.
After revealing up to this point the Prophet (pbuh) was tired. He took a breath when Abdullah ibn Saud completed the verse 14 with "So blessed be Allah, the Best of creators!" and to his shock Mohammad replied "yes, that's it" (Source: The life of Muhammad. Ch.2. by Robert E. Burns)
Abdullah knew exactly what was going on. He could not bear the trickery any more. So, he left the Prophet (pbuh) and became an apostate. The merciful Prophet (pbuh) wasted no time to finish off with Abdullah after he conquered Mecca.

This event became a law to kill apostates.

I am sorry if some of my freinds get upset after reading this truth that can be cross verified from any muslim or non muslim source.

Fate of thsi man who compiled 23 chapetrs of Quran was death and so was of everyone who dared to have difference of opinion with Mo other then a few rich and influencial blood relkatives of Mo(like his uncle Abu Talib a great scholar whom muslims mockingly n hatefully call abu Zahil)

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