China, Are You With Us?

September 11, 2007

As the trouble between the Left parties and the UPA escalates, a new twist to the nuclear deal saga has been introduced by the Chinese. An editorial in the official People’s Daily accused India of wishing to ‘rise as a big power’ and the United States of ‘damaging the existing non-proliferation system and beating global efforts towards non-proliferation’.

The Chinese are essentially trying to say that they can have weapons because they are Chinese and we cannot because we are Indians.

The Chinese can keep trying to pull us down but it is time they realise that we are only 10 years behind them and that is despite being such a heterogeneous country and a democracy. They are jealous and angry because unlike them we donot have to bribe or threaten countries to have a good relationship with them. They are upset that despite their tight system of management and ‘excellent (fearful)’ relationship with other countries they are able to manage only a growth rate 2% higher than us. They are angry that we dominate many IT related segments, are acquiring companies and now increasingly getting into manufacturing exports. Yes, we want to be like the Chinese- We want to reduce poverty, improve education standards, file as many patents as they do, send a man to space, manage our population and export trillion dollars worth of goods. But we do not wish to be a second rate nation servile to the Chinese or the Americans.

The Chinese will have to decide now whether they wish to engage with us or continue trying to fooling us. For years, we have been putting up with their nonsense, first through the Pakistanis and later through their stupid claims on Tawang. Cooperation will have huge benefits and enemity huge penalties.

Chandra is a marketing consultant based out of Mumbai
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September 11, 2007
12:52 AM

It is unlikely that China is going to treat India or any other nation as a "partner" in its superpower future. China's ambitions to become a regional hegemon have been clear for a long time now. Treating any other nation on par with itself cannot fit in the picture of a regional hegemon or a superpower. The Middle Kingdom wants to become numero uno alone.

Its a pity we are still wondering if "China is with us?" when it had shown decades back how it wants to treat us and doesnt hesitate to show whenever the opportunity arises now and then. How can a country which claims thousands of sq. km. of our territory can ever "be with us"?

September 11, 2007
04:59 AM

C: China, Are You With Us?

t: China is bi-polar


A. S. Mathew
September 11, 2007
06:04 AM

In 1957, Chou En Lai came to India and waved flags with Nehru " Indo-China bhai-bhai", but the
outcome was an unexpected Chinese attack on India
after 5 years. China swallowed a tiny neighbouring country " Tibet". Pandit Nehru did't raise any voice against the Chinese, so he
got the slap on his face, he felt that his Bhais
cheated him.

If Chines are not totally changed in their mentality, trusting the old ideology of China can be suicidal. I still strongly believe what
Aldous Huxly said " if you want peace, prepare for war". A good defense is the best offense.

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