Wanted: A Coach for Team India (And a PR Official for BCCI)

August 28, 2007

The BCCI Secretary, Niranjan Shah, has asked for applications for a coach for the Indian (BCCI) cricket team.. In keeping with the finest traditions of writing blogs, I consider it my solemn blogistic (i.e. journalistic) duty to reproduce it here and ensure that BCCI's advertisement is read by as many potential India coaches as possible. Here goes:

I KEY RESPONSIBILITIES a) Working closely with the Selection Committee and interacting periodically with the Review Committee to be set up by the Board. b) Should have the ability to plan and manage programs for the elite cricketers c) Should be capable of building positive relations with the public and media. d) Should be capable of motivating players and thus helping them to optimize their performances at all times. e) Should be familiar with the use of performance analysis software packages. f) Should be available to conduct clinics and workshops for the local coaches g) Should have excellent communicating skills as he is required to communicate at different levels like players, team management, selectors and the Board h) Should be capable of providing the team with tactical expertise

a) Should be a qualified coach with minimum level III coaching accreditation from Cricket Australia, England or India
b) Should have played at least level of First Class cricket.
c) Extensive coaching experience and expertise in working with elite cricketers
d) Should possess basic IT skills to be able to operate the match analysis program
e) Should have been a coach of an international or national team or a coach at an elite Coaching Centre of international repute
f) Should have basic knowledge of Indian cricket, Indian player pathway and Indian culture and ethos
g) Should have basic knowledge of Sports Science and Sports Medicine
h) Should be capable of handling the team under high pressure situations
i) Should possess outstanding organizational skills
j) Should have knowledge of the international coaching trends
k) Should have experience in using the video technology.

a) The appointment as coach shall be for a period of two years, starting from October 1, 2007.
b) The job requires a great deal of time away from home traveling with the Indian team both in India and Abroad
c) Terms and conditions are negotiable

Without reading too much into it, the sequence in which the "Key Responsibilities" are stated is quite telling. Of the 8 key responsibililties (III(c) effectively renders everything else redundant by stating that terms and conditions are negotiable lets not be pedantic here), cricket related responsibilities feature 2nd, 4th and 8th. Relations with the media and the cricket board figures in 3rd, 1st and 7th place. The 5th and 6th points are irrelevant in my view because software packages can be learnt (and in any case India employ a full time analyst for this very purpose. Besides, how can this be a key "responsibility"? For more see II(d)), while clinics for local coaches can be conducted by specially hired expert coaching instructor. Is it prudent to burden the national coach with this added responsibility?

But this aside, the Key Responsibilities section reveals little doubt that this is not an advertisement for a national team coach by a cricket board, but is an advertisement by a cricket board singed to the scalp by Chappellgate. Further more, it is a statement crafted by an amateur and hastily at that. What exactly is the difference between coaching a "international and national team"? There is well established time honored cricket specific terminology - the same might have easily be conveyed by saying that the candidate should have prior experience of coaching international or First Class cricket teams.

Seriously BCCI - please hire a Public Relations person. It is precisely to avoid things like these that firms and institutions employ people exclusively to convey well-framed, concise, clear messages to the right recipients at the right time. And if this is the work of a PR person, please dip into your formidable bank balance and enroll that person in a Public Relations course. If s/he refuses, fire that person! I make typos in my blog - lots of them, and this does weaken my advice to you, but it is well meant. There are worse things you could do than put Niranjan Shah or Sharad Pawar out in front of the hounds from the press. The press doesn't deserve that kind of daily attention. Niranjan Shah or Sharad Pawar are always news stories - even if they just sneeze. If a PR spokesman faints, he might just get 2 lines somewhere deep inside the newspaper. The PR person will be the voice of the BCCI (and by that i do not suggest that s/he will frame the message). All this is elementary - how can an organization float million dollar tournaments on the one hand and not want to find the budget for a PR person? The PR person checks the English and checks for nuances which may reveal more than the message intends.

So please put out an advertisement for a public relations professional. Nothing elaborate - no image makeovers or anything of the sort. Just someone who can convey a clear, articulate, concise message (BCCI's message) in correct English/Hindi. It might make the new coach's job much much easier too.

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Wanted: A Coach for Team India (And a PR Official for BCCI)


Author: Kartikeya


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August 28, 2007
12:34 PM

...............................and 11 players who can field and........................................11 batsmen who can run two/three runs.....................

August 28, 2007
01:10 PM

some more want ads;)

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(sorry for the tangent karti - could not resist)

Deepti Lamba
August 28, 2007
03:30 PM

T, is it the Merlot talking or were you pasting it on Craigs List but instead did it on DC?;)

August 28, 2007
04:05 PM

nah...can't take credit for either;)

the list is on the web...somebody compiled it:)

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