Poetry: The Mess in Mess-O-Potomia

August 17, 2007
Sonal Panse

The Mess in Mess-O-Potomia is not our doing,
We're just as amazed as you by all the booing.

We never took a rosy view of the Mess-O-Potomia mess,
We had just naturally well and truly counted on a lot less.

But every crisis in Mess-O-Potomia turns into an opportunity for mayhem,
Even though we had really planned, you know, for a short and tidy game.

Six days, six weeks, or six months in Mess-O-Potomia at the max,
Who'd have thought it'd cost you citizens six years min in tax?

Sure is curious, but in Mess-O-Potomia we got to stay,
We got to remain and keep those Islamic Fundies all at bay.

We intend to impose our brand of liberty on Mess-O-Potomia soon,
The Hajis are all already acquainted with gun-fights at High Noon.

Everyone knows we came to Mess-O-Potomia as liberators,
No, we can't help it if there are now too many road craters!!

It's those Haji terrorists of Mess-O-Potomia and their crazy rockets,
One day soon we're going to nuke them right out of their dockets!!

Now ease up, Mess-O-Potomia doesn't need UN Resolutions and Geneva Conventions,
Besides the US Army doesn't adhere to those kind of hypothetical impositions.

We are going to do everything in Mess-O-Potomia that we militarily can,
To get those Hajis, down to every last child, woman and man.

The Mess-O-Potomia God knows, we've bombed enough of their houses,
It's amazing so many of them are still well and alive, the shitty louses!

But it'd be incorrect to call our Mess-O-Potomia adventure,
As a cruel, inhumane and degrading example of human nature.

Now we don't want to further stir up Mess-O-Potamia with semantics,
Shut up about electrified anal prods, or it'll cost you loose optics!!

I run an Art Studio called Maysun In C, specializing in Illustration, Graphic Design, Web Design, Fine Art and Content Writing.
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