The Bangalore Roof Top Film Festival

August 07, 2007

If you're a movie buff and love to discuss the late night show over a glass of wine, then you ought to be heading to the next Roof Top Film Festival (RTFF) in your town. And if there are none, you could start one yourself.

After Chennai had its successful go at the RTFF, Hrish Thota started one for Bangalore and the idea has caught on amongst film enthusiast and wannabe filmmakers alike.

RTFF was conceived in a night of passion way back in 1997 when filmmaker Mark Elijah Rosenberg was looking for an innovative platform to screen his short films. And he knew in New York it's never been easy to get people's attention and it was more so for avant garde cinema. Instead of renting a theater, Rosenberg got out his 16MM projector, a cheap sound system and a big white sheet and invited everyone he could find to his apartment's little roof. Hundreds came out, many with their films in tow, and the movies were screened deep into the night, amidst the water towers and pigeon coops of the East Village skyline.

RTFF has come a long way since then. From being just another film festival, it has transcended into a vibrant community of film makers, critics and enthusiast who share their passion for the celluloid in an open environment.

There is far more to Indian cinema than what meets the eye. It is a rich mix of languages, dialects, and cultures but unfortunately for most movie goers Indian Cinema stops at Bollywood. With it's focus on independent films, short films, cult movies and films that changed the way we looked at cinema, Roof-Top Film Fest aims to fill the void.

The Bangalore chapter of RTFF saw over 35 people get together on a rooftop to watch movies from dusk to dawn. Many classics were showcased alongside movies produced by independent filmakers who otherwise had no budget or the audience to showcase their films.

Judging by the overwhelming response of BRTFF 1, Hrish organized the second RTFF at Chung Wah on Church Street. BRTFF now has a proper forum on the web and Hrish plans to take the lead in organizing many more RTFFs in Bangalore.

RTFF works like an unconference that calls for active participation. One can participate by providing a rooftop, lending equipment, help with the screening or then by simply arranging for snacks and drinks. You can also help by blogging and podcasting about the event or by participating in the fervent discussion that follows each screening.

With the concerns of a clear night and a projector aside; throw in some beer, Pizza and great movies, and what you get is one amazing Roof - Top Film Festival.

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The Bangalore Roof Top Film Festival


Author: Dhivya


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