Dr. Haneef Cleared of Terror Charges

July 27, 2007
Rajen Nair

Today the Brisbane Magistrates Court in Australia announcing that all charges against Dr Haneef were dropped and declared that he is not a terrorist. This news is being widely reported and splashed across global media. This news meant not only a big relief to his wife and family members but also to millions of Indians locally as well as abroad. Ever since his ill-fated arrest connecting him to the botched up bomb attack on Glasgow airport, the Australian authorities have spared no effort to frame him as a terrorist.

On June 30th at 3 pm a green jeep smashed the glass doors of the Glasgow airport terminal in order to blow up the airport. The occupant of the jeep Kafeel Ahmed, an Indian, after a failed attempt to blow up the gas canister in his Jeep Cherokee, tried to immolate himself. The Uk Police investigating to the failed bomb attack arrested four foreign doctors based in UK, two of them were Indians and the rest were from Middle-Eastern countries. As a follow up to the investigation Dr Haneef arrested by the Australian police under counter-terrorism laws.

The 27 year old Haneef hails from Mudigere in Chikmagalur district of Karnataka. Dr. Haneef had come to Australia from England on a 457 Visa sponsored by Queensland Health. Just after the botched bomb attack on Glasgow airport in UK, Mohammad Haneef who was working in Gold Coast Hospital was taken into custody while he was trying to leave the country.

Dr Haneef despite being given a bail by the local magistrate was once again put under house arrest by the Australian police as his visa was revoked on character grounds. The Immigration Minister Kevin Andrew revoked the 457 working visa of Dr Haneef. For the wife of Dr Haneef who had just delivered, it seemed a never ending ordeal.

The Indian government was gracious enough to extend all possible consular assistant to Dr Haneef to fight his case. Dr Haneef though belonging to the minority community of India, by and large all the section of people and press of India was extremely supportive and sympathetic to his case. They believed that the Australian government was detaining him on clumsy ground and that he was innocent.

Now that the Brisbane Magistrate has cleared him of the charges of being a terrorist the stand of the Indian government and its people belief on Dr Haneef’s innocence stand vindicated. It is said that the Immigration Minister Kevin Andrews is to reverse his decision to revoke the 457 working visa of Dr Mohamed Haneef. Earlier Andrew had revoked Dr Haneef visa on character grounds.

The Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecution Damian Bugg admitted the faux pas committed by the Australian government on Dr Haneef case. He added that an inquiry will be conducted to inquire how the mistake occurred.

As reported in his joint press conference with Australian federal commissioner Mick Keelty, Mr Bugg said one of his prosecutors had committed two errors before the court. The first one was related to the SIM card and based on the misunderstanding of the facts. Dr Haneef was arrested on the ground that he lend support to the UK terror plot as his SIM card was found in possession of Kaleef, the man who tired to blow himself up after the failed Glasgow bomb attack. The fact was that Haneef’s SIM card had been found in the possession of the brother of a terrorism suspect in Liverpool. The second error was that Dr Haneef had once lived with some of the UK bombing suspects, which turned out to incorrect.

Now whether Dr Haneef will be allowed to stay back or deported to India still remains unknown but the news of his being cleared of terrorist charges will be heartily welcomed by the UK based Indian doctors and greeted gleefully by all Indians.

A freelance photographer and writer from Mumbai.
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Dr. Haneef Cleared of Terror Charges


Author: Rajen Nair


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July 27, 2007
05:47 AM

based on the information available i'd say "about time"

July 27, 2007
06:56 AM

This is excellent and I want to extend and apology to the family of this poor young man who was fitted up by over zealous clowns who dare to call themselves police officers.

July 27, 2007
07:57 AM

Yes Marilyn, over zealous clowns who are trying to protect innocent people like yourself from getting killed.

Haneef WAS linked to terrorism and the investigation was warranted.

Marilyn, have you lost a loved one from a terrorist act? If you ever do then I think you will maybe grow up a bit and change your attitude to people who are trying to protect us from harm.

July 27, 2007
08:02 AM

MAPAD, have you ever had a loved one put away in a gulag on trumped up charges? Try thinking about things without the prism/prison you put yourself into.

July 27, 2007
10:06 AM

Excellent news!!! :-)

July 27, 2007
05:17 PM

AnArch - Yes, I have actually! ...and you know what what?

I had faith because we don''t live under the kind of justice system that the terrorists would like to impose on us.

Just like Dr Haneef, I was released and all charges were dropped.

I don't think that's anything to whine about. In fact, I'm very proud of Australia's justice system that Haneef was investigated and found to be not guilty.

We Liberals should be celebrating, not whining.

July 27, 2007
09:24 PM

AnArch, have you ever had a wall dropped on your relatives, after they were falsely accused of being homosexual? Ever had relatives who got their hands amputated after falsely being accused of theft? Be glad that you don't live under such a justice system. Because there are people on this board who support such a system, and who even live in countries having such a system.

July 27, 2007
11:45 PM


July 28, 2007
01:05 AM

AnArch - Honor killings, legal rape and immolation are very real in india and pakistan.

Glad to see you think the Aussie justice system is a more deserving target for criticism.

July 30, 2007
11:29 AM

One can easily make out this Dr haneefs case a well fabricted conspiracy by the Australian Government to prevent the migration of Indians to australia because Australias total population is about One crore only and its landmass is seven times bigger than India and you may all know it has the toughest Immigration laws in the world they welcome only those who have bunchloads of money with them it

July 31, 2007
04:14 AM

Sundat - Drop the conspiracy nonsense.

Haneef was linked with terrorism so they investigated him.

If Australia wants to keep out muslims then who could blame them?

Australia would certainly have a very sound justification for doing so given the terrorist activities of many muslims around the globe right now.

Would you like members of a violent totalitarian ideology move into your street?

How about a sex offender?

No conspiracy theory needed. Just common sense.

August 24, 2007
05:52 AM

Man! Haneef must be finding it hard to keep from grinning in public and guffawing out loud in private. He's Australia's baby now.

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