Movie Review Partner: Govinda Aala Re!

July 23, 2007
Sakshi Juneja

So yours truly ended up watching this Friday’s blockbuster release, director David Dhawan’s Salman and Govinda starrer “Partner”. You know, though we may crib about Mumbai City and its over-bearing demands, there is so much this city offers that we can’t help but appreciate – for instance, the joy of watching Bollywood Creations on the big screen and that too at mid-night, such fun I tell you.Anyway, getting back to the film at hand.

Hindi flick Partner, if you have seen the on-air promos, the film has nothing to do with “quality” cinema - it isn’t a masterpiece, it isn’t inspirational, nor is it path breaking sorts. It’s your typical Hollywood remake (Hitch), spiced with typical David Dhawan slapstick humor, garnished with typical filmy heroes and overly gorgeous heroines – and yet in spite of so many “typical” qualities, Partner is freaking entertaining.

However, I would like to place a warning: You will be outrageously entertained ONLY if you worship masala films.

One can say director David Dhawan knows his audience like the back of his hand. Partner too, like many of his previous movies follows the same logic, “Don’t Think, Just Enjoy the Joyride”. Sanjay Chhel's dialogues are superbly hilarious, believe me there will be moments when you would need tissues to wipe-off those “happy tears”.Salman Khan as Prem (* Lucky Filmy Name), a Love-Guru stands true to his character. He is smooth, smart and looks bloody hot. In simple words, Sallu baby totally Chizzles on the big screen. And on the other end we have *the forgotten* Govinda, matching step to step Salman’s sexiness with his fantastic comic timing. Though I am a hardcore Salman fan, in Partner it is Govinda who will have you eating right from his palms.

Both the leading ladies, as expected barely have anything to sing about besides looking stunningly beautiful. Their chemistry with the leading lads is just about perfect, though I would like more of Salman and Katrina together. The spoof on Shah Rukh Khan’s Don with Rajpal Yadav playing “Chota Don” is funny but only to a certain extent. Television actor, Suresh Menon as Katrina’s best friend Kiran is excellent. Music composers Sajid-Wajid have given a chartbuster album with every song practically tickling every dancing muscle in your body. However I feel their picturizations, choreography by Bosco-Caesar is what makes them even more appealing – my favorite picks, “You’re my love” and “Pump up the jam”.

On the whole, Partner is a fultoo-timepass with Govinda eating the sweeter part of the cake. I say, Go Watch It! 

Saakshi O. Juneja is an active blogger, feminist and overboard dog lover. Currently working as a Business Development Manager for a sportswear manufacturing company in Mumbai, India. Did graduation in Marketing & Advertising from Sydney, Australia. As far as blogging is a complete Blog-a-holic.
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July 23, 2007
06:18 PM

Very much to enjoyed the movie. Sallu bhai and govinda were at their best. Mr. Khan looking good as usual was able to dance extremely well for the first time in this movie. Both govinda and salman did an excellent job. Must watch. David bhai did it again. 2 1/2 hrs of pure entertainment. Don't think just enjoy the movie. Trust me its worth the money and the time. Songs, dances, dialogues are very good.

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