Nadal Wins French Open - Another Dream Shattered for Roger Federer

June 10, 2007

One more chance missed to join the ranks of Don Budge and Rod Laver for Roger Federer. Nadal finally prevailed in the battle of nerves, capturing his third consecutive French Open title, joined the ranks of Bjorn Borg and remained unbeaten on Roland Garros clay. Head won, heart lost.Rafael Nadal beats Roger Federer 6-3 4-6 6-3 6-4 !!!!

As I've always pointed out, the match began on charged note by Rafael Nadal as he converted 2 out of 2 breaks and won the set 6-3. The sad part, Federer couldn't convert any of his 10 break points. Yes 10!! Federer managed to get the break finally in second set and ultimately won the set 6-4. The third set was probably the best set by the standard of the game played by both the players. Nadal managed an early break. Federer could easily hold on to his serve, but never managed to break back in Nadal's serve even after few opportunities. In the fourth set, a fight was expected from Federer, but it just turned out to be a formality and ultimately Nadal won the set 6-4 after breaking early in the set.

Roger Federer is probably just a step away from being an all-time great. Not that anyone has doubts about it, but a French Open win would have sealed the deal. Never mind, Federer - you are just 25. There is always next time, see you at Roland Garros 2007 and hopefully holding the title next time. As of now, Nadal's sun is setting as the hard court and grass court season begins. Federer begins to rise now. Over to Wimbledon!!!!!

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Nadal Wins French Open - Another Dream Shattered for Roger Federer


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gaurav pandey
June 15, 2007
04:55 PM

It will be premature to say that Nadal's sun would be setting now as the hard court and grass court season starts.Last year Nadal was one of the finalists and gave a tough fight to Roger.Nadal is improving continuously and have an edge in head to head encounters.I am also a fan of Federer as he is a personna dignified, he always behaves on court and carries a nice attitude. Hence i join you in wishing him best for Wimbledon.

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