Movie Review: Ta Ra Rum Pum

May 18, 2007

Ta Ra Rum Pum is almost typical of the kind of bull crap movies one used to get in the late 80s/early 90s. Reality is an illusion caused by lack of alcohol - or so some wise soul said. The movie lives up this maxim up. And apparently everyone was totally floating in alcohol there.

Well, we weren't on alcohol, so we had to deal with reality. And in reality, it's a nice premise but utterly butterly bad execution.

A Posh restaurant is next door to a slimy residential area. Racers race on 800bhp cars that can do 200mph and try to win by taking each other out. "I don't like you. I am gonna slam you into the next barrier, and NOT be penalized for it - so am gonna win!" And from eating a burger that was just then thrown into the garbage bin, the kid gets a piece of glass into the stomach. (Of course they only use styrofoam in that canteen is a different detail altogether)

Is there anything good about the movie? Hmm, Saif looks like he could really use some "toning down". Rani looks dead for a few scenes, then smiles, then looks dead.

Right, we were trying to see if there's anything good about the movie. It's the premise. It's that you have to have masti all the time - you have to be cheerful even when things are going down. That is the only saving grace of the movie. Pity, it can't save it much though.

Stay away from this one, go listen to some pep talk, or something like that.

BG blogs off and on, on politics, current affairs and anything else that catches his fancy. He used to take his politics rather seriously - but doesn't anymore!
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