Indian Cricket: Twenty20 Next!

March 29, 2007
Aditya Kuber

The real World Cup of cricket begins in September. With focus shifting on to the Twenty20 stage, the ongoing tournament is being seen as a fine warm-up for the big event to be held in South Africa in September.

How I wish that were true...

But in any case, the draw for the inaugural T/20 WC has been announced and it pits India and Pakistan in the same group for the first round. Roweda Kandan, the Cricket South Africa official tasked with overseeing the Twenty20 World Cup confirmed the groups for the tournament which will see the 12 qualifying nations split into four groups of three.

"The groups have been confirmed and the final fixtures are at the ICC for approval at the moment," Kandan said. "There have been a number of proposed revisions, so we will wait on them to review these and make a decision on them."

The format of the group stages will see the top two teams in each group go through to the Super8s; from there the top 4 teams will progress to the semi finals. Warm-up matches are slated for Saturday, September 8th and Sunday, September 9th. Normally this is to allow the teams to acclimatise to the local conditions but for most nations these warm up games will be their only taste of Twenty20 cricket this year.

India will make its foray into serious T/20 cricket in April with the launch of a domestic season and it would be a good idea for some of the World Cup team members to take part and make an impact. There do seem to be enough players suited to this form of the game and once again, on paper, India should do well.

Can India make a mark at least here? When will they take this version seriously? ODI cricket is passe! Sigh!

News Courtesy: Cricket20

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Indian Cricket: Twenty20 Next!


Author: Aditya Kuber


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