Famous Professional Crime Fighters on Indian Television

March 26, 2007

Now that I have gone through the roster of "Private Eyes" on TV, I think it is time to recap the "Professional Eyes". The professionals on (at least Marathi) television have a glorious tradition, which has names like Hello Inspector, Ek Shoonya Shoonya (One Zero Zero) on the list. Even on the current scene, "professionals" score better than amateurs, given CID is perhaps the most famous show in this genre right now (of course, the new Karamchand will soon amend that).

So, here goes:

  • ASW:
    The Name of The Agency: Anti - Superstition Wing
    The Men (and The Women): (can somebody help me here?)

    OK, I have cheated a bit here. Lekin Woh Sach Tha was not exactly a detective show, but more of a desi version of X-Files. This was the show which introduced us to such paranormal topics like "limbic system", "astral projection" and investigated phenomena like ghosts.

    Of course, being a Doordarshan show and as you can get from the name of the organisation, the main objective desi jodi of Scully and Mulder was to fight superstitions prevailing in the public conscience. This they did by exposing babas and other assorted villains. But even they did investigate some crimes like murder as a part of their job, and so I feel justified in including them in the series. (And of course, I like paranormal.)

  • CID:
    The Name of The Agency: Criminal Investigations Department (at least, that's what it officially means)
    The Men (and The Women): ACP Pradyuman, Senior Inspector Abhijit, Daya, and company

    This is the show which started the series. This is perhaps the most famous detective show an Indian television today. Lead by ACP Pradyuman, this team of brave, intelligent, weird and sometimes bumbling officers tries to solve cases from all across Mumbai, with the help of the latest technology and forensics.

    Of course, don't be misled by the name of the organisation. They seem to reach each and every crime in the city, many times without the normal police being called in. On the other hand, if they are supposed to reach only most perplexing and difficult cases, it bodes pretty ill for Mumbai given the sheer number of cases.

    But don't get discouraged. Once you get past the obvious "influences" from foreign shows and detective stories, the show makes for a quite a nice entertainment, if only to see if you can solve the case easily.

  • CID Special Bureau:
    The Name of The Agency: Criminal Investigations Department, Special Bureau
    The Men (and The Women): ACP Pradyuman, ACP Abhimanyu and company

    A "spin-off" of CID. This show follows the exploits of a group of select officers of CID who try to solve more complex and sometimes "file closed" cases. The officers are supposedly selected because each one is an expert in one of the fields like forensics, ballistics and so on.

    What it essentially means to the viewers is that the cases are definitely different and more entertaining (I could not find any direct influences of any other shows I have watched, and the show does involve some comedy). Though that makes this show better than the original, the original CID scores better for acting.

Did I miss any shows? Hopefully not. So now I can take a sabbatical from the series, as I have covered all the desi detectives I could remember. If I have missed any, or if there are suggestions for any improvements to the series, comments are welcome.

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Famous Professional Crime Fighters on Indian Television


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