Product Review: Bajaj Pulsar 180 DTSi 2006 - Old vs. New

March 21, 2007

Riding the new Pulsar is an interesting experience after having ridden the older model just before that. There are some important and interesting cosmetic changes which I'll come to later. But right now, lets talk about the more important bits which will surely add to the riding experience a lot more.

The gearbox - silken smooth. Knife through hot butter, call it what you will, but it's the slickest gearbox I have seen. And after having ridden the earlier Pulsars you'd be forgiven for thinking Bajaj stole someone else's gearbox! Shifts are very clean, precise. No judders, false neutrals.

Power delivery is very linear, although this author felt that Power wasn't coming with the hurry that one is used to on the older Pulsar - maybe it was just need for running-in on the test bike.

The engine has, I'm sorry to note, a very weak note (no pun intended). You can hardly hear it at times - which can be good sometimes, but wouldn't you wanna hear your baby screaming as you rev it up? I sure would!

The suspension seemed better. The bike's slightly heavier - about 4 kilos or so which might have helped matters just a wee bit.

Looks. The new fairing looks all the more aggressive. The tail-light is very unique, but looks kinda wimpy, and if my experience is any guide, one cant really see it, if one's in a taller vehicle. The illumination of the tail lamps is lovely.

The digital speedo looks great with orange backlight, but unfortunately the idiots that they are, folks at Khivraj (Bangalore) have disconnected the speedo cable - but NOT the rev-counter cable. So one could see the revs going up, but nothing on the very good-looking dash!

On the whole, a better bike indeed, although one hopes the note of the older(2005) model can either be retained or re-introduced on this model!

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Product Review: Bajaj Pulsar 180 DTSi 2006 - Old vs. New


Author: BangaloreGuy


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March 21, 2007
09:59 AM

What about the mileage? Does it hold a candle to Hero Honda?

March 21, 2007
01:49 PM


It tops Hero Honda's bikes in mileage. Unless you are talking of an entirely different category of bikes - commuters like the splendor (and those bikes are again topped by HH's competitors)

March 21, 2007
02:32 PM

Hi Bangaloreguy,

That's news to me. HH I thought was the leader in mileage. I have got a Freedom Topper. 70 kms a litre. No problems for 2 years. Do you know why did they shut down?

I am bored riding this one, and want to try out something new. No compromise on mileage but I can't resist the flamboyance as well. What do you recommend? Why can't these bike manufacturers provide for a little elegant-looking cabinet to carry a few documents?

March 22, 2007
02:43 PM


HH has been trumped in the mileage stakes for quite some time now, first by the TVS Victor, then by Bajaj Boxer (and other bikes from TVS/Bajaj)

I am not quite sure what the news is on the Freedom, but, you could try going for a Bajaj Discover - its generally ranked the best (in features, performance and value-for-money) in the 125cc category. And it should give you a reasonable fillip in performance over the freedom!

As for providing space to carry documents, I'm with you there. All of them put in zero emphasis on making the bike a somewhat practical vehicle. Having been bred on scooters, hate the way bikes are impractical with zero space for even storing the documents!

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