Happy Mother's Day!

March 17, 2007

March 18 is Mothering Sunday. The day that is dedicated to British mums. After Valentine's Day, this is the next big day in the calendar of the card shops, florists, cake shops and restaurants.

There is a never-ending supply of such 'special' days - Mother's day, Father's day, Grandparents' day, Mother-in-law's day (I am not making this up!), Sister's day, Best friend's day - the list goes on. I am sure there's a person in Hallmark who is paid a huge amount of money just to come up with these special days.

At first, the whole concept of having a specific day to think of members of your family or friends and visit them, etc. seemed ludicrous to me. I could not understand the need for such days. As I got to know the British way of life more and more, however, I could see that, in a weird way, it makes sense - for them. After all, they live miles away from their family, literally and figuratively and need special days to spend time with them.

Why this concept is taking root in India is a question I cannot answer. I live a continent and thousands of miles away from my family but am up-to-date with what's happening in each of their lives and vice versa. I certainly do not need a Mother's day to ring and talk to my mum, send her flowers and chocolates. She'd probably collapse in disbelief whilst my grandfather would shout down the phone at the strange Western notions I was picking up. I am sure this is a familiar situation for many of us.

Which is why I am not joining the mad throng to the florists to make a beautiful bunch of mum's favourite flowers or booking a table at her favourite restaurant. What I am doing, at the same time, is saluting all those desi mums around the globe.

Whether in India or elsewhere in the world, they are bringing up their children the best way they know how. Take a look at some of these mommy bloggers' websites and you will see them chock full of love. The love for their children, their wonder at their little miracle's antics, their joy in their little ones, their fears, their tears, their feelings - it will be real hard for one to glance at these pages and turn away from them without delving deeper.

I chanced across one such blog from a link on one of Sujatha's posts and was hooked real soon. From there, the crazy world of mommy bloggers was just a click away and pretty soon, I had bookmarked more than a handful of them and was visiting them regularly to find out the latest installment of Winkie's world or the Brat's antics or Tara's shenanigans.

That was how I discovered that little Anirud likes to stand on his mum's pots and pans and take a peek at the World of Dining Table. It was how I learnt what a great experience having a baby brother was, to Winkie. That was also how I discovered how helpless the Mad Momma felt, even as she awaited her second C-section so she could see her Baby Bean for the very first time.

With or without the helpful advice of the older generation, us mums (and some daddy bloggers too!) are grappling with this furiously changing world, trying to do the best for their children. Some, like Yours Truly, work full-time; we leave our children with strangers for most of the day. Others choose to stay at home to bring up their children.

Some of us are lucky to have a choice in the matter, whilst others are unlucky enough to have to go with the flow. But whatever we might be doing, we are all mums, who love our children no matter what and who expect nothing but their love in turn.

Thanks to the wonder of the blogosphere, us mummy bloggers now write about our children, our lives and ourselves and share our fears, pain and joy with the rest of the world. Our readers become a part of our lives, so much so that the readers are quite eager to know what happened to the mommy blogger's second scan or if the child has thrown off its tummy bug.

MIL fears, relocation, child's first day of school, school exams, second baby, sibling rivalry, you name it, we blog about it. By doing so, we manage to weave a wonderful web across the globe, a lovely network that helps us in our times of need, thanks to which we are never alone.

So, on this Mother's Day, let us stop for a minute to pat ourselves on our backs for what we do all day, every day. Here's to all of us mums out there -


and to everybody else, cheers!

Writing is my passion and music is my soulmate. When I have a book in my hand and my music blasting in my ears, I am on top of the world. I would love to be a published author someday. But till then, I shall enthrall you all with my creative genius. :)
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Deepti Lamba
March 17, 2007
12:59 AM

DG, mommies rule! Last year I had done a post about my mom but this time decided to let it be. She knows that despite the bitter struggles we had while I was growing up I love her tons!

I was quite the brat and now that I'm a mom I appreciate her and my dad all the more.

Its easier to give birth than to bring kids up the right way;)

March 17, 2007
04:17 AM

Three cheers for us, eh? :)
Its easier to give birth than to bring kids up the right way;)

Oh you never spoke a truer word, pal! That is SO true.

Deepti Lamba
March 17, 2007
05:02 AM

DG, an exasperated parent once said to me that if the little ones didn't look so cute we would never give in the urge of having them!

But generally I think most parents live for those toothy smiles and wet kisses;)

March 17, 2007
06:25 AM

Yes. Mommies rule.

It so nice when they rule the lives of their daughters.

Only men must stand up against their mothers.

After all the man has to address the MIL fears of his wife even when MIL is 6000 miles away.

March 17, 2007
06:35 AM

You bet! They just take over our hearts, don't they? I just saw little P walk to the car with his dad, all ready for his swimming lesson and could feel the tears pricking the corners of my eyes for no reason, as I was waving him from the window. *sigh* When did we become such sops?


March 17, 2007
12:40 PM

DG - I'm not a mommy but I love mine. So cheers!

Deepti Lamba
March 17, 2007
01:12 PM

Sumanth, you are trying to open a Pandora's Box on the wrong thread. Got something to say against MILS do a post on it:)

Here we are saluting mothers who have done or are doing a good job raising their kids. Most of us aren't perfect and many feel that we can never fill our mothers shoes but at least we are trying to bring up our kids the right way and thats all that counts at the end of the day.

March 17, 2007
01:21 PM

Dee - the term's "creature of habit". you know what happens to them? They go the way of the dodo.

Deepti Lamba
March 17, 2007
01:32 PM

I like dodos especially the ones on ICE AGE. I may be asking for trouble but it takes all kinds of colors to make a rainbow and I do enjoy people who are waaay different from most of us;)

March 17, 2007
01:46 PM

I think I draw the line here with having to enjoy some of these totally different folks, Dee!

March 18, 2007
01:56 AM

DG and all the MOMMIEZ....CHEEERS :))))

Sumamth, cheers to your mom as well who single handedly brought you up. Gawd it must have been a task.
Say hi to her!

March 18, 2007
03:46 AM

Ah good one, Mommy! Cheers!

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