Poetry: Sleepy

March 07, 2007

The day finally comes to an end. There's the fatigue of a long and grueling work day and the wonder of how increasingly mechanical the daily routines have become of late. And there's the bliss of sleep. Nothing compares to a good night's sleep at the end of a long hard day. Good Night. Sleep Tight.

A piece of dream
Beckons me
As I sit
Stretching out
The final strains
Of a long day

Little grains of sleep
Around sullen eyes
Clouds of mirages
From the day gone by.

Mirages of men
Of voices heard
And tales told
Lingering smiles
Delicate frowns
Love, Hate
And other such illusions
Hover around the eyes

I slip, meanwhile,
Through corridors of sleep
Into the land afar
Where dreams await
Refugees from reality.

Kishore is a techie based in Bangalore. When he's not writing software, he spends his time writing himself out trying to understand the perfection of reality. Read his musings over life, nature, music and the art of living at Dayswork.
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March 8, 2007
04:41 AM

Mirages of men


Mirages of con men :)

Also a question, does the hours of sleep matter, or not, its like Quality Vs Quantity debate, or prefer a safe answer, a mix of both :)

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