Poetry: All Hat And No Cattle

January 11, 2007
Sonal Panse

All Hat and No Cattle,
I sound the trumpet for battle.

I'm still right behind ya, lads,
Go get more of those hajis and their dads!

We got Saddam and that's one mission accomplished,
We'll get Osama and Adam before we're finished!!

C'mon, y'all still remember Osama, don't you?
And Adam's my moniker for the Iranian Prez, woohoo!!!

Yeah, the latest blogger dude on the net scene,
Well, we're gonna dispatch him with the laden bin.

We're gonna nuke him, lads, yee-haw!!!!
Who gives a horse-shit about international law?

Cowboy Justice wins every battle,
If not, I live, you suckers get slaughtered like cattle.

I run an Art Studio called Maysun In C, specializing in Illustration, Graphic Design, Web Design, Fine Art and Content Writing.
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Richard Marcus
January 11, 2007
03:19 PM

this was a hoot, thankyou for keeping the art of satiric poetry alive and well

Richard Marcus

Sonal Panse
January 15, 2007
08:45 PM

Thank you, Richard. :-)

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