Ego Clashes Affecting Bus Services in Uttar Pradesh

November 21, 2006

If there was ever an example of how ego can derail good governance, the bus row between Uttar Pradesh and Delhi governments is a good example.

Without going into why this situation arose, consider for a moment what is happening. The situation is simple: Buses owned by UP and Delhi transport corporations are blocked from entering each other's territory.

A citizen staying in Delhi and working in Noida would till now come out of his house, walk for a brief while, and then get a bus to office. But now that bus stops at the Delhi border, where he gets down, walks again to find another bus for the the rest of the way.

Thousands of people, who follow the same routine, have now been affected.

Why has this not been resolved? The issue of buses plying between the two states had been discussed earlier and some sort of agreement was reached. But this agreement collapsed.

The other reason is that ministers of one state rebuffed the other state and vice-versa, and so, there is no agreement and buses are getting impounded. And these are the officials and ministers on whom we depend on to make our lives better. One expects them to behave better than children.

I have a sneaking feeling that this is being done for political gain. Elections are coming up soon in UP and all such postures are part of partisan politics. This is linked to whether the Metro goes to NOIDA and whether Delhi's Sonia Vihar water plant gets enough water.

We have sunk so low in our esteem for politicians that if you ask people about the reason for a particular action, all sorts of motives can be ascribed and believed. Will things improve ? Right now, the commuters are getting badly affected and the children of schools that are in NOIDA and whose homes are in Delhi have been affected.

In the midst of all this, it is worth noting that these politicians do not do anything to affect their personal/party interests. So private buses are out of all the skirmish and are benefiting greatly from this situation.

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Ego Clashes Affecting Bus Services in Uttar Pradesh


Author: Ashish


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