How Nave Is Our President?

November 09, 2006

India may be the largest democracy in the world, but Indians in general have come to expect very little in the way of good governance from the governments that we elect. However, the biggest disappointment in today's political scene is not Manmohan Singh for being a lameduck prime minister or Chaggan Bhujbal and George Fernandes for blatantly stealing or even Narendra Modi for his pogrom in Gujarat.

The biggest disappointment is our dear president Abdul J Kalam. Before becoming the president of the country he presided over the DRDO (Defence Research and Development Organization), which oversaw the nuclear blasts in Pokhran, and other sterling defence achievements. The least one expected from one of the supposedly smartest people to inherit the post of President was that he would make a stand somewhere, put a foot down at some stage, and at least try to make a difference. But I guess it was too much to expect from a thoroughly rotten political system.

First he failed spectacularly in the democratic debacle in Bihar. Then the Afzal clemency plea. Also no move or statement on the quota fracas. I would be hard-pressed to name one achievement of his tenure as President, even if the position of the President in the Indian democratic system has limited power.

Now he comes up with the most inane statement I have ever heard in a long time. Sample this:

Companies and organizations should create a separate fund to make high bandwidth and last mile access and facilities available to rural areas. The companies can contribute part of their profit to this fund based on their quarterly performance, he said adding, the fund could be operated by a separate board of management, independent of the contributors.

Umm...hello, we do pay for all that - it's called income tax. And service tax, and sales tax, and VAT. And what "separate board of management"? That's the government and the super-bloated bureaucracy, dude. If they did their job, the tax that we pay would actually get used for the betterment of the country, not to fill up the pockets of the political crap that you preside over. And if that isn't enough, the telecom companies already contribute crores to the Universal Service Obligation Fund.

Sheesh! How nave can you get?

Intrepid is a Mumbai-based entrepreneur and runs an information security consulting firm. He blogs about entrepreneurship, venture capital, marketing ideas, taxation and legal issues at http://everydayentrepreneurs.blogspot.com
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November 9, 2006
12:18 PM

Could not agree with you more !

November 9, 2006
11:02 PM

am not sure of his naivety

haircut? that am sure of;)

November 10, 2006
07:24 AM

Sometimes I wonder who's being naive: us with our great expectations or them, who let us down each time...

November 10, 2006
11:52 AM

This is unexpected of someone works in IT could be so stupid as that they can't even write their propaganda interestingly.

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam is the best and effective president India ever had.

About the bandwidth thing, had those people ever read something called PURA our president master minded and promoting.
And if some companies like to give away some extra money for that bandwidth thing, they will just be investing to a bigger market in India, both for sales, labor and to society by upbringing the 70% rural people.

Afzal clemency plea - they should read constitution that Indian president can not do anything on his own but can work only in advice of the Govts. and the Delhi govt. still holding it.

The President trying hard to best use of his time without getting into the political system; Otherwise the "MADAM" and Communists start saying ugly things about him and get him down.

President Kalam is the first ever president who took classes of MLAs.

Whole India today look upto him and a major campaign is being organized all over India to choose his as our president again.

Lastly. His the only India president said, Only Strengths respects Strengths. And yes, One blast changed the world's perception about India.

And has proved Gandhigiri is a fat word.

Long live our president Kalam and Please continue doing what you are upto.

November 10, 2006
11:58 AM

Added: Check this:


November 11, 2006
03:46 AM

Abdul Kalam provides lot of inspiration to many people in India. The role of President in India has always been symbolic. That doesn't absolve him of doing-nothing. Its good to know that a poor boy from a small town, beloging to minority religion, coming from scientific community can become the President of India.

If I have expectations, I have those expectations from our legislature and judiciary. In India, executive has always been collective, not concentrated in one person.

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