Microsoft PowerPoint - Tips & Tools to Add Power to Your Point

October 25, 2006
Rajiv Renganathan

A change in job brings with it a lot of interesting challenges. Challenges drive one to explore ways to do things better and fast. Here is a result of my exploration with Microsoft PowerPoint. Hope it helps you add power to your point in your presentations and saves you from Death by PowerPoint

File > Send To > Microsoft Office Word - Ever wondered how those handouts with slides and space for notes made? Use this and its as simple as that.

Tools > Compare & Merge presentations - Compare slide-by-slide multiple presentations. Excellent feature to compare (and merge) original with multiple reviewed presentations.

Slide Show > Custom Shows > New... - Add selected slides from your presentation and this is your custom show. Click the "Show" button to play the custom set of slides. Useful when you have a deck of slides used for different situations. Saves you of maintaining multiple files of same presentation for different occasions and audiences. When a presentation is a study material, I use this is create sub-set of slides which I might want go through later.

Slide Show > Rehearse Timings - Keep this ON when you rehearse your presentations to get an idea of how long it takes. Also, you can save the timings as slide transition timings for auto runs.

Slide Show > Set Up Show > Loop continuously until 'Esc' - Useful in situations where the presentation is to infinitely run in a kiosk or road show stall.

File > Properties - This is the identity of the file, especially the Author & Company. We don't care most of the times, but this is good-to-know where your identity is embedded.

Tools > Options > General > Recently used file list - Keeping it high is useful at times when one is unsure where a document was saved.

Format > Replace Fonts - Changes font across the presentation.

External Tools:
FlashSpring Lite - Converts Microsoft PowerPoint documents to Macromedia Flash (*.swf)

Thermometer: Adds progress bar in the bottom of all slides indicating the progress and how much is remaining. This is extremely useful when going through study materials when I am waiting for it to complete :)

PDF Creator - Converts Microsoft Office documents to PDF. (Use the "Read Out Loud" feature in acrobat reader to then listen to the presentations.) Link...

Autorun Presenter - Lets you run PowerPoint presentation right from the memory stick. No need to copy the presentation to the system nor does the system needs to have PowerPoint installed.

o Microsoft Template Packs
o Free-PPT :

CartoonStock.com - Library of cartoons. Useful to add a zing to your presentations.

Feel free to share other tips and tools that have helped you to make the most of PowerPoint, a software which Microsoft says is being used to make 30 million presentations a day!

Rajiv Renganathan is the founder of DealMaadi.com that helps shoppers find and share the best shopping deals across India. He blogs at rajspace.net.
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Microsoft PowerPoint - Tips & Tools to Add Power to Your Point


Author: Rajiv Renganathan


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Steve Hards
October 26, 2006
05:09 PM

Hi Rajiv,

A nice round-up of some of the lesser-known features of PowerPoint! You might like to check out our Perspector add-in that lets you work in 3D.(www.perspector.com)

Our site also has links to other PowerPoint add-ins and people can also sign up for presentation tips and a list of what I reckon to be the best of free PowerPoint-related resources available on the internet.



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