The Effervescent City Of Boston

August 31, 2006
Sakshi Juneja

Boston, oh Boston! Now I understand why so many of us in our university days dreamt of experiencing the Bostonian Life.

Once again, just as we had done for our trip to Washington, D.C., we caught a bus from China Town in New York City and after four hours of road journey touched Boston around 11.00 pm. This to-and-fro trip cost only $30.00. We checked in at Radisson Hotel which is just a couple of minutes from the Bus Station by taxi. After a quick snack at Benniganns, I was off to bed since we had an early start the next day.

My best friend's husband gave us a wake-up call at 8.00 am and after bath and other morning necessities, we were off to the Museum of Science from where we had to get on the famous Boston Duck Tour. A nearly two-hour expedition around the major hot-spots of Boston along with a water ride in the Charles River, in my opinion it is a pretty good deal for a $30 fare per person. The only disadvantage was that we couldn't get off the bus but then we had a really good tour guide, so it balanced out.

After the Duck Tour, we took the subway again and headed to the Government Center stop, which is basically the North Boston side. Being a weekend, the entire area around the Quincy Market was packed with people. There were street acrobatic shows, a musical and other such fun activities going on. But the best bit about the Quincy Market is its long list of fine restaurants and numerous take-away counters. A foodie like myself couldn't have asked for anything more. We spent good hours around this area - eating, drinking, shopping (just a little bit) and watching the Bostonian Life.

From the market we walked towards the Long Wharf and Boston Harbor side for some sun soaking and an evening coffee. All tired and exhausted, we headed back to the hotel around 5.00 pm.

We made dinner reservations at famous foodie joint called Fire & Ice (which is very similar to BBQ Nation in Mumbai City), for an unlimited intake of grilled food and salads. For $16.99 it was a pretty decent meal. After an early dinner, on my friend's mind-boggling persistence, we headed towards the park opposite the Swan Park for a Balloon Ride. We shelled out $15 each for a 10 minutes ride - 3 minutes going up, 4 minutes in air and then 3 minutes heading back down. Though I thought it was a bit too hard on the pocket, the view of a lit Boston was well worth it.

Around 10.00 pm, we took a cab from the park and again visited the North Side. We were informed by our friendly hotel concierge about the Street Feast going at the Famous Italian street named Hanover. Apparently there are around 112 Italian eating joints in and around this neighborhood. The whole street represented a scene of a nightclub in full swing. Music, lights and all the action one could expect. We walked around the stretch for nearly an hour and it was really overwhelming. Even though I stomachs were packed to the max, we couldn't leave Boston city without experiencing the legend that is Mike's Patisserie. The chocolate fudge cake was totally sinful. Even as I write about it, I can't help drolling over the thought of that cake.

From there we walked into a close-by Italian lounge bar, ordered couple of drinks and just sat watched the night fade-away into silence (not completely though). And finally around 1.30 am we called it a night and took a cab ride back to the hotel.

However, after a great Saturday, Sunday turned out to be a complete dud. The weather played spoil sport and the city was gripped by moderate to heavy showers. So we chilled out in our hotel room till 12.00 pm (our checkout time) and then hopped over to a close by Indian Restaurant named Tantric, for Sunday brunch. We paid $12.00 for a decent buffet, though the menu could have been a bit better. The ambience of the restaurant was pretty good though.

Around 2.00 pm, we caught the bus back for NYC since we were made completely immobile cause of the rains. Thanks to the rains, it took us five hours instead of the usual four hours to reach our destination.

Over all I think Boston is a pretty cool hangout for touristy folks, if you love walking around and observing city life. Excellent place for food lovers, with all the variety and decent pricing, you surely would have a great time here.

Boston Trip Photographs

I've got loads of snaps from the West Cost trip as well, which I shall be posting in next couple of days. This Labor Weekend, my wonderful hosts are taking me to Niagara Falls (Canada side), so I am quite excited about that.

After that we will be doing some last minute shopping (surprising isn't it that we can actually shop till the very last minute) and then I am off to Europe for two weeks.

Saakshi O. Juneja is an active blogger, feminist and overboard dog lover. Currently working as a Business Development Manager for a sportswear manufacturing company in Mumbai, India. Did graduation in Marketing & Advertising from Sydney, Australia. As far as blogging is concerned...is a complete Blog-a-holic.
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August 31, 2006
11:55 AM

Neat stuff, Saks, we loved Boston too - can't wait for your next travel guides

August 31, 2006
07:41 PM

This Labor Weekend, my wonderful hosts are taking me to Niagara Falls (Canada side), so I am quite excited about that.

-------> TO this way 100kms

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