August 27, 2006
Gaurav Mishra

On a sultry summer night
I saw the sweltering sky
Flirt with the eager earth,
Fornicate with it.
Soon, it spent itself
In a short, shameless shower.

Walking on the wet earth
Later that night
I heard it sigh under my feet;
Sigh like a woman in heat,
Partially sated,
Thirsty for more.

The mud on my feet felt
Warm like love fluids;
The smell of the wet earth,
Heady like the smell of sex;
The soft sound of my footstep,
Wet like the light lapping of love.

Aroused and ashamed
At the same time,
I took in the night
Through all my senses
And walked on
Feeling like a voyeur.

Im a Yenta, Im Trishanku, Im a Used Car Salesman.
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Lazy Libertarian
August 27, 2006
12:38 PM

Cool poem Gaurav!
What abt the morning after ?

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