Pakistan-England Oval Test Match: Darrell Caught in Pakistan's Hair

August 22, 2006

An unprecendented thing happened at Oval when umpire Darrell Hair changed the ball in a Pakistan-England match on charges of ball tampering and without any answers or replies. And Inzamam Ul Haq, Pakistani Captain, simply didn't come back on the ground after tea protesting against the decision. There was some drama but in the end the match was awarded to England.

These are some of my observations:

  • Some of the England and Australian umpires are downright racist. And it has more than obvious in the matches against Sri Lanka, Pakistan and India. That the fulcrum of entire cricketing world has moved to South Asia doesn't help their ego management one bit! More than 50% of the revenues in the world cricket are due to sponsorship from the companies in India.
  • Notwithstanding English and Australian umpires, Pakistani umpires are no better. We have all seen the treatment that they have repeatedly meted out to the Indian players - Gavaskar included over the decades. There was a reason
    why India stopped playing in Sharjah and part of the reason was this prejudice.
  • If Inzamam really had to walk out - it should have been when the decision was taken not in the next break. And he should have summoned managers of both sides on the ground and thrashed Hair's head of hair out completely.
  • Inzamam has, in any case, got help from unexpected quarters. While the former Pakistani players including Asif Iqbal - that guy who used to mastermind the Sharjah circuses and relish the negative decisions (and sometimes downright partisan) against Gavaskar etc. in that series as a captain, have obvious gone backing him up; even folks like Nasser Hussain the former England captain has come solidly behind him.
  • Wolmer's reaction was the most interesting and something that helped him explain the decision - as the team's coach - to his conscience. He asked the players to swear by their Koran and say that they hadn't tampered with the ball. They did. And he was ok with their protest of walking out on the test.

In all aspects this was as crazy a situation as could possibly come. The Koran after all finally decided the fate of the match.

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Pakistan-England Oval Test Match: Darrell Caught in Pakistan's Hair


Author: Desh


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August 22, 2006
12:59 PM

Infact Koran does happen to decide more than just a code of coduct as far as cricket goes for muslims, it goes further than that. Lets not make it an argument and consider the fact that Pakistan players under the oath said that none of them have done anything wrong to the condition of the ball, oath it might anything be for anyone.

August 22, 2006
01:39 PM

The Cricket Sura? Thou Shalt Not Touch An Infidel's Ball? Pray tell more

August 24, 2006
05:45 PM

#2 at the risk of hairy jokes ...

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