Right To Little Information

July 24, 2006
Vikram Nandwani


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Right To Little Information


Author: Vikram Nandwani


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July 24, 2006
02:02 PM

Even before the attemots of diluting the RTI(by excluding file notings), the PIOs(not Proclaimed Indian Offenders, but Public Information Officers) were quick enough to Quote the Section 8 of RTI which is bascially the exceptions to giving Information.

RTI says that info need not be given, among other conditions(see section 8 in ), as per section 8 1 j: in case the requested information is of personal nature and doesn't have any larger public interest, and also reason that information need not be given if its for just the Curiosity or love of having the information!.

Almost any request can be turned down under section 8!, if the PIO so desires.

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