Chor, Chor! - Saved By The Family Dog

June 07, 2006
Sakshi Juneja

It was cold winter night in the month of January. Sunny had been busy through out the month, partying with her family and friends. It was a much-needed break for her, after a butt-whacking routine in Sydney for the past one-year.

Following a similar pattern of the previous days, this night was no different. It was around two in the morning, when she got home with her family from an elaborate dinner at her distant cousin's house. By the time she and her mum settled in for the night, it was nearly quarter to three.

Being a really long night of chibbering-chabbering with her cousins, it barely took her much time to fall deep into sleep. It must be around 4ish that she could hear her dog, Lassey (eight year-old dashund) barking really loud. Though still very much sleepy, Sunny just could not ignore her dog's words. Lassey's voice grew louder and louder. Shaking her head in her semi-conscious state, Sunny fought with herself to open her eyes. Her body acting way too lazy and refusing to listen to her mind. The only words going through her head, were of requests...requesting her beloved dog to just 'shut-up', to just let her slide back into her la-la land dream.

But it seemed that Lassey had her own plans for that night. For Sunny it felt as if Lassey was removing her frustrations on her master, for being away far to long. It was a war, between Sunny un-conscious state and Lassey's pitching bark.

Finally, when it really got way too much for her, Sunny was left with no choice; she opened her eyes.

At first everything was hazy and really dark. Actually it was way too dark for her, so she rubbed her eyes with hands, thinking that it would make the darkness some-what clear for her. But what she saw in the darkness, you could say in some-way changed her life forever.

Sunny saw a black figure standing tall in front of her. Those split seconds of her eyes filing a complaint to her brain, in a way felt like eternity. On realising that there was a stranger present in her mum's bedroom, she instantly yelled out to her mum, just one word - 'chor'. On hearing her daughter's loud cry, Kiran (Sunny's mum) woke up. The tall figure realising what was happening in the room, ran towards the window to make an exit. Sunny, as if she was possessed with Wonder Women's power, ran behind the chor. She must have yelled out practically all the prohibited words that she had learnt in her 21 years, without even realising that her mum was in the same room at that very moment.

So the chor tried to make an escape from the same route he had made his way in, while Sunny was behind trying to get her hands on him. But it barely took him any time to jump on the side platform outside the sliding window and then on to the other platform and he was gone; vanished in the dark night.

For the next 10 minutes Sunny and her mum stood at the same window, shouting their heads off, 'Chor Chor' but it seemed that no body was interested.

Later on, Sunny gathered same courage to move from that spot and walk towards the phone placed near the bed. She called her brother and bhabi, who were sleeping on the next floor.

It was 5.00 am, by the time they finished their story-telling session. Sunny went down to meet her dog, Lassey. Lassey who saved their house, maybe even their life that un-forgetful night.

Things were quite busy for the next few days. The sidewalls of the house were raised further up and pieces of broken glass were cemented on them. Security systems were fitted in all the rooms. IDs of all the house-helpers were submitted at the local police stations.

However for Sunny and her mum, the next whole month involved sleeping facing the same very window...that was used by the intruder. Even today, when the house alarm goes off at times, they are visited by the events of that late chilly January night.

chor - thief, burglar

Saakshi O. Juneja is an active blogger, feminist and overboard dog lover. Currently working as a Business Development Manager for a sportswear manufacturing company in Mumbai, India. Did graduation in Marketing & Advertising from Sydney, Australia. As far as blogging is a complete Blog-a-holic.
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Chor, Chor! - Saved By The Family Dog


Author: Sakshi Juneja


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June 9, 2006
12:06 AM

Neat Story, Sakshi. Good to know that everything ended well.

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