Iran, You're Next. Here We Come!

June 02, 2006
Teeth Maestro

Total world domination is what appears to the ultimate goal of the United States of America. The US has been playing the same tactics it was found guilty of a few years back when it was itching to dip into the oily waters of Iraq. It threw at the UN and the world every conceivable trick in the book, and when the world/UN said Fuck Off, it turned around, hid under the banner of terrorism and WMDs, and went guns blazing into Iraq alone with a handful of supporting countries.

Is that the notion of democracy the US lives by? When you lose a democratic discussion, turn sour, act like a rotten kid and do what you want? After three years, it was only last week that the US President FINALLY admitted to some mistakes. Knock-knock, wake-up! Was he living on earth when all the body bags were showing up at the door?

That's where the problem lies, it's known as an arrogant bully gone berserk. I quote an interesting paragraph from an article by Fareed Zakaria (Newsweek's May 29, 2006 issue):

The Bush administration describes spreading democracy as the lodestar of its foreign policy. It speaks about democracy constantly and has expanded funding for programs associated with it. The administration sees itself as giving voice to the hundreds of millions who are oppressed around the world. And yet the prevailing image of the United States in those lands is not at all as a beacon of liberty. Public sentiment almost everywhere sees the United States as self-interested and arrogant. There is a huge disconnect between what the Bush administration believes it stands for and how it is seen around the world.

The world is a gravy mixture of nations, each with its own thoughts and values, there cannot be a generic fix to all problems and each nation has to be dealt with in a unique solution, a rubber stamp US-like democracy cannot be expected to last long in a nation like Iraq which has only seen rulers - especially not a system enforced by invaders. A fundamental political change takes time and two short quick years cannot be used as a perfect exit strategy. Yes, the exit strategy is a strategy designed to allow the invader to get out before all hell breaks loose. Then it will be just evasion tactic statements from Washington.

Exit strategy, my ass!

Coming to Iran, the US has been planning for such an invasion into Iran for some time to an extent that coalition partners, which include the US, Israel and Turkey have been in "an advanced stage of readiness" since early 2005.

American air strikes on Iran would vastly exceed the scope of the 1981 Israeli attack on the Osiraq nuclear center in Iraq, and would more resemble the opening days of the 2003 air campaign against Iraq. Using the full force of operational B-2 stealth bombers, staging from Diego Garcia or flying direct from the United States, possibly supplemented by F-117 stealth fighters staging from al Udeid in Qatar or some other location in theater, the two-dozen suspect nuclear sites would be targeted. - Global Research

In its planning of the invasion, the invaders have been seriously contemplating the use of mini-nukes in this Iran onslaught (Global Research),

Mini-Nukes are: earth-penetrating capability of the nuclear warheads penetrating only 20 feet or so into dry earth when dropped from an altitude of 40,000 feet. Even so, by burying itself into the ground before detonation, a much higher proportion of the explosion energy is transferred to ground shock compared to a surface bursts. Any attempt to use it in an urban environment, however, would result in massive civilian casualties. Even at the low end of its 0.3-300 kiloton yield range, the nuclear blast will simply blow out a huge crater of radioactive material, creating a lethal gamma-radiation field over a large area to cause significant damage. FAS

Mini-nukes help the US to avoid sending troops into the battle field, hence avoiding the political pressure back home when the body bags start showing up, little do they care what happens to the innocent lives lost on the other side of the world. The shock and awe will naturally cripple the defending army but it will leave behind a devastated country with millions of people dead and dying, at that point I hope the blaming finger should point to the human rights abuser called the United States of America. It will again prove for the umpteenth time since Hiroshima that no other tyrant or dictator has violated the human rights code as repeatedly than the loudest so-called protector of human rights "The United States of America". (At this moment I choose to leave the issue of Gitmo and Abu Gahrib - they are not prisons but actually Terrorist Information Extraction Center which have been a pain in the ass for the US and Human Rights lobby.)

I would like to know the motives behind the attack on Iran - do the US and its coalition partners honestly feel that an invasion is the best solution to the problems with Iran and after the attack Iran will play dead and cough up all the WMD's? Would this invasion be the final nail in the coffin and satisfy the hunger for world domination? Will the US suddenly stand up and say "That's all Folks - we have cleansed the world of all tyranny, now let's sit back and enjoy the view"?

I really doubt it, it's Iran today, South Korea next, Pakistan soon, and then China. As they say, there is always an excuse to pick a fight, and with an ever booming Chinese invasion of the world economy, it won't be to far away from the cross-hairs of the B-52's.

If I were belonging to any nation being invaded by any God-damn-country, my patriotism will rise to the occasion, be it the honky dorry US dollars or the an attack by India - I will be ready to die for my country and fight the invaders to the nail, this is the same patriotic sentiment the US continues to face in Iraq daily and WILL surely face it in Iran. Wake up, Americans! These are not Al-Qaida men and neither are these trained terrorists, but simply patriotic people ready to fight FOR THEIR COUNTRY.

Bring 'em on, bring the B-52's, bring the Tomahawks, bring all the mini-nukes, lay them out and spread far and wide, do anything you want but I assure you the Iranians are ready; sparkle all the dollars at them, even then I assure you the patriotic spirit will fight you to the last nail. Worry about how to hot tail it out of the country, as a proud patriotic nation will beat you out of their territory, you won't walk back, but they may allow you to crawl back. Best if you stayed out, handle it diplomatically, BUT don't make this world your playground to flex your muscle.

Teeth Maestro aka Dr. Awab Alvi is a dentist by profession and specializes in the the field of Orthodontics, he currently practice in Karachi at Alvi Dental Hosptial and blogs as a passion to express himself at www.teeth.ocm.pk/blog
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Iran, You're Next. Here We Come!


Author: Teeth Maestro


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June 2, 2006
03:29 PM


all this talk of US invading Iran is mere saber rattling and posturing


well, for one look at this

and this is not the only reason:

--the US forces are stretched
--they cannot sustain more fronts
--they still have to rely on volunteers
--they cannot count on the support of their 'friends' ( some friends are in trouble too)

etc. etc.

Shantanu Dutta
June 2, 2006
03:40 PM

All countries who have the capacity to do so try to expand their sphere of influence. In that sense we havent evolved much from our hunter gatherer days. A century ago , Japan , British Empire , Tsarist Russia , Germany were the dominant powers. post world war II, it became China , Soviet Union , USA. Today it might be USA, China and to some extent Japan. Even india is not averse to trying to dominate its South Asia backyard - Sri Lanka , Maldives, Nepal, Bhutan,--- It is the great game that keeps playing itself out with players coming and going.

Gaurav Sood
June 2, 2006
04:53 PM

Pointless basis for war have never deterred US from invading a country. After the recent sham efforts for dialogue, I can sense that Uncle Sam is ambling towards the next war. Of course this time it will say it did all it could and now its Iran and everybody hates an Ayatollah so the job is much easier. When US does launch its action against Iran, I will be booking my one way ticket to India. The country is frankly getting too absurd to live in.

Vikas Chowdhry
June 2, 2006
05:34 PM

Absurdistan - here

June 2, 2006
05:46 PM

A Pakistani criticizing the US for thinking of invading Iran - what next?

June 2, 2006
06:21 PM

^ so... Pakistanis can't have opinions?

June 2, 2006
06:35 PM


do you mean not all pakistanis are jehadis?


June 2, 2006
07:48 PM

US made a big mistake by invading Iraq...they should have invaded the real hotbed of terrorism -Saudi Arabia and Pakistan.

As far as Iran is concerned. I don't see US doing anything with it. It has already stretched itself so thin that it has no capacity for another war.

People who sympathize with Iran should however realize that Iran has publicly threatened the destruction of Israel and the Jewish people. Does that not require some kind of sanction against it?

June 2, 2006
07:54 PM

1) Why does Iran not come upfront about its intentions and capabilities with secret the Uranium encrishment program it has ?

2) IAEA which refused to endorse American concerns about WMD in Iraq is fully with the American and EU3 block today. This itself suggests that something is wrong with Irans intentions and existing program.

3) Why does Iran not stop its sponsorship of terrorist organizations like Hamas and Hezbollah ?

4) You are right about the patriotism bit and that is something the Americans will be well advised to think about. But the alternative is a nuclear Iran, and they will just have to choose between lesser evils.

June 3, 2006
12:04 AM

As an American, I am quite offended by the generalization that it is America that feels this way.

I by no means agree with what our severe right-wing conservatives are doing, and if more research was done, one would see that only 30% of The US agree with what their leader is doing. That means 70% disagree.

The problem is that when 9/11 took place, our current regime used it as a way to peacefully take an immense amount of power away from the American people. These elected officals fed off our resentment to the "terrorists" that attacked us and used it to advance their own agenda. I was one of the people that had the wool pulled over my eyes.

Over the last 18 months, The US has started to see that these "terrorists" are really the same people that have lied to us about the events of 9/11 and the Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq. (The United States Goverment)

With that said, what's done is done, we can't go back in time. To leave Iraq now would be as irresponsible on the part of The US as entering Iraq was in the first place, but know that what happened leading up to the invasion, will not be tolerated by the American people. Hopefully by the time November elections come, nothing bad will have happened and we, the American people, can remove these liars from office. Unfortunately, we are stuck with our dumb-a$$ president till Jan. 2009.

June 3, 2006
12:37 AM

We want oil! We want to dominate the world! Hmmm. Reality is we dont want 3rd world fk heads with 3rd grade educations with nukes.Id hate to have you work on my teeth you fk ball.

Vikas Chowdhry
June 3, 2006
12:48 AM

Tim "I was one of the people that had the wool pulled over my eyes."


Nobody can pull wool over anybody's eyes if one is paying attention and that is why your arguments do not wash.

For anyone willing to pay even a little bit attention - serious deficiencies in both the character and capability of this administration were quite apparent months before the 2004 election. If you allowed yourself to be "swift boated" then it is your fault.

June 3, 2006
04:46 AM

Guess the US gov. will just have to kill some odd thousand people on their own soil again to convince people that a new world order is in order. Seems like a civil war may be in order. "they sold your rights to the highest bidder, leaving you in sitcom hell." SNOT. political band... sort of. =)

June 3, 2006
05:27 AM


and thats all i'm saying

June 3, 2006
06:32 AM

There no cost of war for US, its all economies of war, all the money for the war is recovered from the vanquished, the war machinery manufacturers flourish and so does US with one war. But theres no hurry for US, they still have to wrench Iraq dry of its resources, after which they will look for the next colony.

June 3, 2006
06:56 AM

I guess Nuclear stuff is really hot. So is oil :-)

So much heat and gas!

I guess Tim has a right to get fooled and discover sanity - whenever. How many of us are not fooled by politicians of one ilk or another?

War in principle is sick. Wars need to be waged only under the extreme conditions of being threatened by obliteration.

I am not offended by the third-world, 3rd grade educated folks comment. I wd rather believe in the Japanese belief - embrace your enemy. The enemy wd figure out what the embrace means.

I guess my friend who is concerned about third world starting possible wars needs to check US history. In its existence of 200+ years, it fought 20 wars. a war every 10 years! How many of them were against the whites and how many against browns? And what provocation?

While all terrorism should be condemned, it is important also to see if the world is providing any space for expression of people's will - if that is the idea of democracy. Pushing Hamas, into submission by sanctions is punishing the already punished Palestinians.

While my heart bleeds for what the Jews faced under Hitler and Nazism, Israel seems to resort to similar things with the Palestinians.

It is unfair to brush the people of US by the same brush used for Bush.

And about dental choices - on a lighter note, my friend, India offers excellent medical tourism - if you can't afford the insurance. Especially some world-class hospitals in the Southern part of India! We folks probably can't afford them any ways!

While I can relate to the angst of Dr Alvi, I guess one need not get carried away by jingoistic patriotism. That is a great ground for politicians to exploit. They would arouse a Paki against an Indian and an Indian against a Paki and an American against the rest of the world!

Like some psychologist or analyst said - patriotism in extreme is incest!

And my friend Nachiketa, whether Democrats or Republicans, US governments never live up to the wonderful rhetoric they mouth. For them their national interests are most important. Most of their governments, like most others, cheat their people to make them believe that they are doing right things. Under all global and meaningful inanities that are mouthed is it national interest - often read as the interests of a few people - political elite, and often the military industrial complex.

Hence they would never touch Saudi. The average Saudi I learn would love to have democracy. They would not touch the house of Saud. For only they can assue oil-forever. If a democratic and popular government is elected it might stop the loot or nationalize it, like Chavez and others in Latin America are figuring it out.

And Pakistan, it is made into a pawn - sometimes to play against a Soviet-leaning India, sometimes againsst the resurgent China - some times to check the soviet influenct in Afghanistan. Most of the muck they are fighting is their own creation. Let them get into a similar mess in Saudi. Does'nt it sound like age old sub-continental karmic theory? Naseeb ki bath hai.


June 3, 2006
10:35 AM

The US cannot acheive world domination. It might attack Iran and North Korea but it would never attack China. That would be suicide.

June 3, 2006
11:10 AM

and one more addition to #1

dubya is a lame duck president

and balaji:

have you signed up yet?

June 3, 2006
01:24 PM

I am absolutely amazed at the level of vitriol spewed against US here and the level of support for Iran and terrorists.

Some points for my fellow Indians here:

i) US attacked and destroyed Taliban after it was attacked first. Yes, the same Taliban who hijacked an Indian Airlines flight and killed a newly wed man. The same Taliban which has vowed to defeat Indian army in Kashmir and threatened destruction of all infidels.

ii) Iraq was a mistake. But why are we Indians getting out panties in a twist over this? BTW, didn't Saddam Hussein fund the homicide bombers in Israel?

iii) Why are you guys supporting Iran so much? For the Indians here - what has Iran done for India? For the Indian-Americans here - Why is it so hard for you to support US policies? Afterall you are living in this country of your own choice. Disagreement with policies is fine but to have so much vitriol against your adopted country is just bizarre.

June 3, 2006
02:07 PM

1) Who created and sustained Taliban?
2)Who created and sustained Saddam until he turned hostile?
3) Its not Iran which is getting supported, its imperialism whichs getting a thumbs down(its not hatred towards US citizens, its dissaproval of US governments actions)

June 3, 2006
02:32 PM

Dear Nachiketa

Like Tim said, let us not equate Americans with US government. Two different phenomena. Americans I love them. They are straight, easy going, often naive. Not all. But good people.

And I believe, and learn from all the stuff written about, it was not Taliban who did the 9?11. It was Saudi nationals, educated, suave and modern. Taliban was a bunch of rag tag band of medieval thinking mullahs who thought they were doing the right thing.

US government? another matter. Does the governmetn of US represent the true interests of its people?

Who is Taliban? How did they come into existence? who financed Taliban? Who allowed a democratically elected, but left leaning Najibullah get killed and hung on a government building with his genitals stuffed in his mouth or whatever?

What interests gave Taliban the arms and other logistical support? A cynical game of one-upmanship against the economically defunct, and morally dessicated Soviets? Pay my pal, for what goes comes around. Who is to blame?

And, do you think the USG loves democracy? If so how come, it supports the house of Saud, Monsieur Musharaff and other despots around the world? And Haiti? And a deadly Sharon who sadly is on death bed?

What makes one think Uncle Sam would be generous to India? No one, atleast I do not have any love for Saddam. Every country deserves its leaders. We have our Modis.

Panties in a twist? Check the dirty linen hidden by the current US regime. If I have to believe Tim. And I do.

And about Israel. It is a past master in media management. There was no country called Israel. It was made. By the global bullies. and the smart shop-keeping nation, who are the cause for many ills of the world. They enslaved a country called India.

Who is supporting Iran? Except Dr. Alvi, the Tooth Maestro. I only see that people are opposing the foreign, 'myfingersinyourpie' policy of US government. Iran is a case in point to learn from as much as Saddam and his Iraq. The same government, bombs Iraq, threatens Iran and negotiates with North Korea? How come?

If we learn a lesson or two from the American Government, let us look after outselves. As cynical as that. No principles. for a second, atleast.

Iran has gas and oil. If Pak is smart, and India less dumb and if we leverage Chinese intelligence, India can have a good energy security. And help the Chinese too. Two economies need energy. Less dependent on US, which can sacrifice every principle in the book for its national interests especially the mythical geo-political ones and fantasies of a new-empire in a 'socalled uni-polar world'.

I guess one need not be apologetic if one lives in US. It is a mutually beneficial relationship. They aren't allowing Indians because the US government loves Indians. It is economics. As simple as that.

My only appeal is, please learn from the great teacher. The American Government. Which cynically exploits everything and anything for its advantage. Whoever they are. I do not think it is the interests of American people which are at its centre of universe. Currently it is driven by a fabian delusional fantasy, a neo-con cabal, and the MIC (military industrial complex).

And the founding fathers of US, I respect them. for they ferociously defined freedom of speech.

If you heard George Carlin, you would know what freedoms the people hard-won and demand they be kept intact.

Say similar things in India, you would be VHPed, Bajranged wiped off like Staines.

My only request, is if you are in America be American. Love freedom. At least respect what the French gave as a symbol which stands sadly off the East Coast!

If one adopted a country, one has not sold his soul? One can enjoy the freedoms that the country guarantees. At least on paper.

apologies for such a long engagement :-)

June 3, 2006
02:35 PM


June 3, 2006
02:45 PM

??? bo??

June 3, 2006
02:50 PM


My only request, is if you are in America be American. Love freedom. At least respect what the French gave as a symbol which stands sadly off the East Coast!


it is facing the wrong way...the lady should be facing landward

right now the Administration can get away with daisycutter's rained murder behind its back--and it does!

btw--some thoughtful posts you have written on DC:)

June 3, 2006
10:17 PM

June 3, 2006
12:37 AM

"We want oil! We want to dominate the world! Hmmm. Reality is we dont want 3rd world fk heads with 3rd grade educations with nukes.Id hate to have you work on my teeth you fk ball."

Well, that pretty much sums up the US's superiority complex. Lets see. you elect a practically retarded, business failure, cocaine addicted wife-beater.. and you give him The Button.... Do you honestly think that your president has your interests in mind when he attacks countries at random? Do you honestly believe that he is thinking about the safety of the US when he uses false pretexts to kill thousands of people? Fact is, Bush and his croneys have alterior motives... and they all think youre too dumb to realize it... maybe theyre right.

Phill Meup
June 4, 2006
07:04 AM


June 4, 2006
08:58 AM

Phil, is it an intent, and who could the recipient of the creaive instinct, or an economy of expession about the state of feeling? :-)

June 13, 2006
08:38 PM

Good grief! Holy hypocrisy Batman! Talk about a 180 flip-flop. I can cite you articles by the dozens written by Fareed "flip-flop" Zakaria where he was rabidly exhorting the Bush administration to invade Iraq! He was an absolute cheerleader to that whole corrupt process. I used to email him directly to condemn him for those ridiculous views and his blatant brown-nosing of the Bush admin.

And now that scammer is suddenly turning around without blinking an eye, and casually saying that the Bush admin policy is WRONG??? And he's not even acknowledging what a maximum supporter he was for the invasion of Iraq -- not just before the invasion, but during it, and long afterwards as well.

What a 2-faced Trojan Horse that guy is. This is what I call Musharraf tactics -- when the geopolitical winds are strongly blowing in a particular direction, align yourself with them by putting on a mask of friendly supportiveness. Then quietly bide your time until those winds are dying down, and keep working towards your true agenda which lies in the opposite direction. These tactics may be useful for banana-republic dictators, but they don't do very much for Zakaria's credibility as an academic or analyst.

June 14, 2006
12:47 AM

Time changes,and how? isn't the nature of time?

interesting observation about Zakaria, Sanjay.

October 8, 2006
08:11 AM

I wouldn't be surprised if US (under the present administration) invades Iran. Actually, I would be VERY surprised if it doesn't.

Coming to 'thinning out' of US Army, Donald Rumsfeld has been working on new strategies for US forces (with his buddies) wherein he would like to come up with tools, intelligence and weapons that will minimize involvement of US troops (against wishes of some in Pentagon)and wage multiples wars in different countries. Their strategy was clear from day one. US people obsessed with domestic agendas did not pay much heed to their foreign policy writers[PNAC]. 9/11 gave the opportunity to most of these guys to put in motion their agenda under the leadership of George Bush, who looks at the world in simplistic terms- good guys and bad guys. All that was needed was George Bush to believe that these Muslim guys and few others out there were baddies. And that happened with 9/11.

Most guys from the present administration believe in extending US influence into all regions and areas that serve US interests, and if need be, pre-emptively contain anti-US elements from taking over power in those strategic areas, and proactively influence the regime changes in areas that serve strategic interest.

US CANNOT and WILL not allow Iran to develop Nuclear Weapons and will do everything possible to contain it- even if it means attacking and obliterating Iran. George Bush who believes in a higher force which is found in religious sentiments will have no qualms in invading another 'evil' country.

All the history, US laws, and the present administration's ideology suggests that US will invade Iran. The delaying tactics employed by Iran will not help. And the present regime headed by George Bush is more willing than any president of US so far to give a 'go ahead' to forces within his administration that believe in proactive and pre-emptive containment.

So, 'Iran, here we come!' is a very realistic scenario. No doubts on that!

Get out of our way, or we'll kill you
Letter to Clinton to contain Iraq

October 8, 2006
08:25 AM

More readings:
Rumsfeld Doctrine

October 11, 2006
07:57 AM

Sanjay, based on your previous obsessive anti-pak, anti-muslim posts, i suspect that you think Fareed Zakaria is a muslim.

He is not. He is an Indian and non-Muslim and yes he flip-flops like a fish out of water. And yes he kisses ass like there is no tomorrow. And yes he along with other pundits with muslim sounding names have done quite well for their careers in U.S. media.
Their colonial mentality and servile support of whatever is popular under the guise of academia has been good for business.

Moderates in Pakistan and Islamic world already have Osama, Saddam, Taliban and other nut cases to worry about. You get to take one for team as far as Zakaria is concerned.

- Usman

October 11, 2006
09:41 AM

The article seems to be a paranoid outpourings of a paranoid gentleman and the consequent discussions only reflects more of the same. I am really saddened to see that even some of my fellow Indians, particularly a dhimmi called balaji, instead of challenging this guy, have contributed even more nonsense gibberish as "opinions"

Here are some facts to chew on.

[Point 1] - The sunni organized brutalization iraq ended with the US intervention and the removal of saddam. The majority of iraqis have been only to happy to see this tyrant meet his end.

[Point 2] - The "war" in Iraq, as the good doctor says is not any bloody "resistance". Its sunni organized and led terrorism that is targeting and killing fellow muslims {shias} in an organized manner. It is an ethnic bloodbath.

[Point 3] - Iran acquiring nuclear weapons quite effectively means the wiping out of Israel, the long held dream of arabs and the muslims around the world. Once this threshold is crossed, there is enough possibility that the muslim world will simply blow up.

[Point 4] - A lot depends on the will of the western powers and above the WILL OF THE PEOPLE OF ISRAEL. It would be a tough choice to make, the Choice must be made. Do the want to live under a Death Sentence, Under a permanent nuclear blackmail, {as the Indians live} or they want to give a SWIFT REPLY.

[Point 5] - The common method this doctor from karachi uses [one of the terror hubs, please note] is Scaremongering. The phrase with which he starts his article is also a dead giveaway, "Total world domination is what appears to the ultimate goal of the United States of America". There is also subtext of "islam in danger" which is, as indians perfectly know, a tool to acquire power.

[Point 6] - The doctor also ends with too many war-cries which is quite interesting. The Indian experience has been more with the paki running away from open battle and not even owning up to the dead bodies of ITS OWN SOLDIERS!!!!!!.

my patriotism will rise to the occasion, be it the honky dorry US dollars or the an attack by India - I will be ready to die for my country and fight the invaders to the nail,

The war-cry seems like baby blather from a guy who comes from a country which is only fit to bomb innocent on trains {and planes}. This they do with thorough competence.

But enough said.

Let iran test, and lets see the Consequences. Interesting times ahead.

Ruvy in Jerusalem
October 12, 2006
11:05 AM

Unfortunately folks, it is necessary to defang Iran, at the very least. They have threatened to destroy the country I live in and kill the people I belong to; and in the end, the cowards who run Israel will find that the burder of decision lies on their shoulders - alone.

Nevertheless, the Americans probably will attack Iran. Recently, loads of American warships have left port. Some are on their way to the Persian Gulf, some to Diego Garcia, some to an area near North Korea.

When Israeli leaders quail before making the difficult decision to attack Iran, it is reasonable to expect them to ask for help. We will have to pay some kind of very heavy price for that help...

Give the whole process a month or two...

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