Jared Leto's Shakahari Hit : Joyful Conjugal Gooses

May 30, 2006
Grumpy Old Indian Man

jared in canada

We love the return of an old fashioned expression or turn of phrase ... and think young Jared Leto should be applauded for bringing back the always charming 'Gay as a Goose'.

Yes Mr. Leto has said he was feeling gay as a goose in a recent interview describing his bubbly joy over his band 30 Seconds to Mars smash hit number one something something song ... its so nice new technologies and old turns of phrase can join hands also nicely.

.More young people these days should have such command of language and its older, more Wodehousian charms. More Pelham and Grenville in the admixture can only help.

So more three cheers ... up to six or nine - no need to be frugal... from the staff here at Grumpy Old Indian Man for 30 Seconds to Mars musical adventure ....we think promoting Canada is highly recommended as we are very much preferring parliamentary democracy. Also happy geese enjoying conjugal felicity is highly shakahari. This young Leto has his head screwed on most tightly and so encourages good thoughts. Pickles need to be tightly sealed for full flavour.

We end as often with a Kural for the day

"The flute is sweet", "The lute is sweet", say those
Who never heard their children lisp"

Lisp gaily away Mr. Leto --- you are thus our lovely goose... our lovely lutey, flutey goose.

Grumpy Old Indian Man because there's so much to complain about.
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Jared Leto's Shakahari Hit : Joyful Conjugal Gooses


Author: Grumpy Old Indian Man


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