And Now Mr. Narendra Modi In His Own Words

May 30, 2006
Mayank Austen Soofi

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[The following is not a work of fiction. Neither is it a satire. These are real statements of a real Mr. Narendra Modi made in real time in a real world]

"What should we do? Run relief camps for them? Do we want to open baby-producing centers? Hum paanch, humaare pachhees. [We five, our 25]"
This remark was made by Mr. Modi in a speech during his very well received Gujarat Gaurav Yatra in 2002. He was referring to Muslims. According to Mr. Modi, riot-scarred people of the minority community, surviving in refugee camps, were busy having sex. Paanch, pachhees is Mr. Modi's pun on his version of an ideal Muslim family - one man with his 4 fertile wives.

"We have to teach a lesson to those who are increasing population at an alarming rate."
This remark too was made during the same Gujarat Gaurav Yatra. Anybody who is even faintly familiar with views and opinions of Mr. Modi can recognize that this warning was directed towards the same Paanch, pachhees community.

"We brought Narmada waters during Shravan, but the Congress would have wanted it in Ramzan."
Shravan is a Holy Hindu month that often falls on July-August. Ramzan is the ninth month of the Muslim year in which fast is observed from sunrise to sunset. This statement must be seen as another instance of Mr. Modi's tendency to force communal symbology into issues that have nothing to do with religions.

"Is James Michael Lyngdoh from Italy? Or is he helping the Congress President Sonia Gandhi because he is also a Christian?"
During his election campaign for the Gujarat state elections in 2002, Modi was particularly miffed by Chief Election Commissioner JM Lyngdoh. Mr. Lyngdoh was being a minor irritant for continually raising objections to certain parts of Mr. Modi's speeches that were considered to be offensive to Muslims. So Mr. Modi made it a point in his campaign speeches to refer to Mr. Lyngdoh by his full initials of James Michael. All in order to emphasize the religion of Mr. Lyngdoh which did not sound Hinduish.

"With the entire population of Gujarat very angry at what happened in Godhra much worse was expected".
These words of wisdom were said during a press conference on February 28, 2002, a day after the Godhra tragedy when 58 Hindus pilgrims, out of which 40 were women and children, were allegedly burnt alive by a Muslim mob in the S-6 railway coach of the Ahmedabad-bound Sabarmati Express train. What did Mr. Modi imply by 'much worse was expected'? Was it a signal to the rioters? Did it reflect his disappointment in (till-that-time) so low-scale killings? Whatever be his intention, anti-Muslim violence was renewed with a new vigor from the next day onwards.

"We should be happy that curfew has been imposed only at 26 places while there is anger and people are burning with revenge."
These are the words of a Chief Minister of a state that was still reeling under the shock and outrage of the daylight burning of 58 Hindus, and where attack against Muslims, as a form of revenge, had just started taking place . The statement was made a day after the Godhra killings.

"Every action has an equal and opposite reaction."
Mr. Modi applying the balm of Newton's Third Law on the riot victims of his state, when asked to comment on the unprecedented violence that spread through Gujarat following the Godhra burnings. This statement was made two days after the Sabarmati fire. More than 600 Muslims were killed within two weeks of the Godhra tragedy. And many more, after. Clearly, it was not a replay of the Newton's Law. This must had been Modi's Law of Motion - Every action has an opposite and bigger reaction!

Epilogue: Mr. Narendra Modi may not be very different from various other politicians, but what makes him unique is that he does evil things in broad day-light when the rest have conscience enough to patiently wait for the night to proceed with their sinister schemes. True, there are still some, like the Gujarat Chief Minister, who are too shameless to depend on the cover of darkness, but they usually linger on the fringe lines of our political map. However Mr. Modi happens to be a popular, mass politician which makes him altogether more dangerous. But India is a strong entity and will survive him, as it has others whose samadhis now litter the memorials.

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Shantanu Dutta
May 30, 2006
11:14 AM

Tuesday, May 30, 2006
Modi's dilemma
Narendra modi used "5 karod Gujarat ni janata..." often during the time of state elections. Now the elections are due in 2 years and I think he has not done anything substantial in the rule thus far. Except that he has made some really cool cities like Baroda, a lot insecure.

But, all thats past and now he needs something for the next election. Maybe a miracle, maybe another Godhra. Well we have to wait and watch.

For the time being he is keeping his fingers crossed and pouncing on any petty issue coming his way. Aamir being the current target. Don't know how much will it help. He has done a great job of confusing people on the actual statements made by Aamir on Gujarat. Some reporter reported his comments on Vadodara violence without proof and "Gujarat ki jantaa ko thes lagi..."

May 30, 2006
11:26 AM

[personal attack will not be tolerated]

Ask this question to the Gujarati people. Modi has been in charge for the last 4-5 years. Over the last 4-5 years , while India's economy has grown at 7-8% , Gujarat's economy grew at 12-14%.
Gujarat is economically the most productive state in India , boasts the best standards of living in the country. Poverty in Gujarat is the lowest in India. Literacy is high. Infrastructure is the best. New roads have come up , existing roads have been revamped. Every single village has been electrified. Bureaucratic reforms have been initiated. Administration is completely computerised. Corruption under Modi is almost non-existant. Industry ,private entrepreneurship was always great in Gujarat but has particularly flourished under Modi. Canals have been built to make use of the Narmada water for irrigation.As soon as the dam is built to its full capacity , and the Sardar Sarovar project is completeed , even arid regions like Kutch will gain access to water.

As for women and tribals - co-operative societies run by women are the hall mark of Gujarat. Amul is the best example. The RSS has opened many schools where young tribal children can get an education. Gujarat easily outperforms all states in India on all socio-economic parameters.

So Shantanu , go ask the people of Gujarat what we think of our Narendrabhai. After all we are his voters , not you. And because of us , Narendrabhai will stay as the chief minister of Gujarat for as long as he wants. Only way we will allow him to give up his present position is if he gets the position of Prime Minister of India.

May 30, 2006
11:28 AM

its true modi is communal, but the alternative isnt secular, its reverse communal. and in a society where the majority are sidelined, modi will get a following

May 30, 2006
11:37 AM

As a Gujarati I am so frustrated at the demonisation of Narendrabhai. Okay - you think he is a hindu fanatic , thats fine. We are all hindu fanatics and proud to be so. After all in India , anybody who hates islamic fundamentalism and separatism is considered to be a communal hindu.So we are proud to be communal hindus.

But if you thinkt Modi is a poor administrator and has not done much for development of the state , you would be truly mistaken. The sort of development we have seen in Gujarat over the last 4-5 years is unprecedented.Bureaucratic corruption - which was the norm not so long ago , has completely disappeared. Nobody has to leave the state to get a job anymore. All major companies are setting up base in Gujarat. My home town -Vadodara was cool city before , but now has turned into the best city in India , as far as standard of living and amenities are concerned. Surat - old rat infested Surat - is today the one of the cleanest cities in the country.

Modi does not need a Godhra to win an election again. Go talk to some real Gujaratis - those who vote in the elections. 9 out of 10 consider voting for Modi as voting for themselves or for a member of their family. That is how popular our Narendrabhai is in our state.

May 30, 2006
11:44 AM

All that secular/communal makes no sense. Nobody is secular in India. Parties that call themseleves 'secular' are in reality supporters of Islamic fundamentalism. Is Congress secular? What about the massacre of Sikhs ? Is Lalu secular ? Why does he have an Osama look alike for a mascot ? Is the Left secular ? Sure - if sympathising with Isalmic fundamentalism is secular.

Atleast by voting for communal hindu parties - I will know that these communal hindu parties are on my side.

May 30, 2006
11:51 AM

Mayank - Modi only represents and articulates the sentiments of not only the people of Gujarat but also a wide section of the hindu population of India.

May 30, 2006
11:52 AM

[deleted--no personal attacks]

May 30, 2006
12:25 PM

Basically Modi is all evil, in the broad daylight... pretty much the same is the case with every fucking politician in India...

There is indeed not muchc difference. The difference pro'lly is in the fact that Modi says what he does, while the others don't.

Theives are theives, whether they steal in broad-daylight or in the middle of the night. The only difference is that Modi can be crucified because his statements are outright communal, apart from his behaviour which is also communal. The other politicians ARE communal, though there statements are not:- Called Pseudo-secularism.

I dont know which is better pseudo-secularism or communalism. One kills openly the other kills siltently... I would say both are the worst options that we have.

If there was a candidate saying NO-OPTION in the election ballot of India, probably NO-OPTION would become the prime minister of India.

May 30, 2006
11:50 PM

The deleted comment (minus the 'personal attack') went something like this ...

...basically Modi is only a representative of the people of Gujarat. He does what we - the people of Gujarat , and a wide section of the hindu population of India, want him to do. So dont blame Modi, Mayank 'Austen', blame us ,the people of Gujarat. We are Modi's masters. It is because of us that Modi remains in power. And will continue to do so as long as he does our bidding.

May 31, 2006
12:09 AM

What is wrong with what Modi said on population?
It is true.

So what if he bought it during Shravan, that is the apt thing to do.

And ya ur right congress would have bought it during is all about votes for Congrees and its insecurities. Wake up.

May 31, 2006
12:13 AM

And Mayank , I will tell you how liberal Modi is!!

The comments that you have been making about Modi(who has won be democratic elections), feel free to make it in from of him will be scot free with no harm done.

Try making the same comments about Musharaf(who is a dictator in Pakistan since eternity) and have a death warrant issued for yourself.

This is the differnce.

I wish Modi would have been non-democratic, non-secular, unjust...then today people like you would not have dared to say a word.

May 31, 2006
12:17 AM

Starting a big project like Narmada has everything to do soemthing with religion symbolgy.

He did what the people of Gujrat , the majority who votes for him , wanted him to do.

May 31, 2006
12:18 AM


May 31, 2006
12:58 AM

What the critics of Modi fail to understand is that Modi is a democratically elected representative of the people of his state. He is no dictator. He is the humble servant of the people of Gujarat - those who vote for him. Modi only does or says what we the people of Gujarat want him to do or say. We are Modi's masters.This is the charm of democracy.

May 31, 2006
01:11 AM

everyone knows what happened in gujrat and who did it. bajrang dal, vhp, bjp, congress, tribals incited by vanvasi kalyan ashrams, police, bureaucrats, and of course the chief minister. some were truly brainwashed with hate while a few were in for the loot money and the chance to molest women. some had come to finish off their business rivals.

talking about taliban, left&congress hypocrisy, anti-sikh riots etc will not dilute the repulsiveness of the inhuman acts in gujrat.

it is sad that people worship hitler. so many mein kamphs get sold in india. if only they knew someone who was sent to a concentration camp. It is important to ask for what had hitler achieved all the economic progress. To enslave the world for his blond blue-eyed 'Aryans'. please note that Indians were not Aryans according to the nazis. So you can imagine what life would have been if germany had won.

i want to remind modi&rss-admirers that there exists something called the constitution of india and it will catch up with him one day.

May 31, 2006
01:19 AM

Anish - Nazis/Hitler killed jews, not muslims ....why do you think we like them ? This a lie spread by Modi haters. Infact only 2 weeks back Modi went on a 4 day trip to Israel to strengthen ties between two highly developed states - Israel and Gujarat. He was given a royal reception there by the people of Israel.

And whats this stuff about 'law catching up with Modi' ? Whose law ? Modi is only the servant of the people of Gujarat. If this Modi goes away , we will elect another Modi. This is the power of democracy. Isn't it ?

May 31, 2006
01:24 AM

This is what I want Modi-haters to understand. Modi only is a faithful servant of the Gujarati people. He does what we want him to do. We want Narmada water, Modi will fight tooth and nail to get us the Narmada water. We want better infrastructure , Modi will get us better infrastructure. We hate corruption. So Modi has computerised the administration , making corruption almost zero i our day-to-day life. We wanted revenge on muslims. Modi let us have our revenge.

So Modi is only our servant , and the best we ever had. Modi does not rule Gujarat. We the people of Gujarat rule Gujarat.

So what are you gonna do about that ?

May 31, 2006
01:53 AM

I was talking about the general popularity of mein kamph in india - you get to see copies everywhere - not particularly among the rss though its founders admired hitler and mussolini greatly.

this is what happens when you go into a victim-psyche - you feel that everyone is taking advantage of you and being unkind to you - the muslims, the press, the modi-haters. the whole world seems to have conspired to victimize poor poor modi - our own chota hitler

do you think it is so easy to dismiss anything uncomfortable as 'a lie spread by modi-haters and pseudo-secularists' :-p open your eyes

adios amigo

May 31, 2006
02:09 AM

Anish - 'Mein Kemp'is one of the most popular buys on I am not aware of its sales in India , but it is popular all over the world - in US, in Europe, in what are you trying to say ? It is fasionable among self-proclaimed secularists top demonise Modi, so they spread many lies about him - something we Gujaratis are very used to and aware of.

What p-secs fail to understand is that Modi is no 'chota-hitler'. Modi is just a democratically elected 'chota-ghulam' or servant of the Gujarati people. Modi is the best servant we people of Gujarat ever had.

May 31, 2006
02:14 AM

That is why we people of Gujarat take any attacks on Modi personally. Because when you attack Modi, you attack us. Because we see Modi as our true representative. And the best reply we can give is to flock to the voting machines on election day and vote for Modi or any candidate representing Modi's party. We love democracy !!

May 31, 2006
07:13 AM

What was his margin of victory in the last elections?

May 31, 2006
09:19 AM

In 2002 state elections BJP won just over 2/3rd of the seats and 75% of the votes cast.

June 2, 2006
08:18 AM

I guess I would agree with anish, Mr. Raj seems to engage from a victim mode. This is the powerful theme that our BJP and people similar would like to create in the minds of the majority, a fear psychosis, making one feel inferior etc., etc., on things.

Well, I agree that Modi is democratically elected. So is Bush (sic)! The question is what is Raj Dharma, as the statesman, Vajpayee seems to recollect? To create hatred? To kill people, and encourage state's participation?

I do not know if Modi is like Hitler or whoever. The issue is that he is a liar. If he ever said that 'hum paanch and hamare pachees'.

Any one who has done high school statistics, and studied civics a little can see that it is a lie.

If every muslim man were to marry 4 women, there should be 4 times more women among muslims? is it true? if it is not true and if it is that the ratio of women to men is close to 50:50, then for every muslim man getting married to 4 women he is depriving at least 3 other men.

And the number ofchildren that can be produced at any given time is limited by the number of women.

Theoretically, women can produce 35 children. How many of Hindus from the earlier generations had 2 or 3 children? They definitely had more. Everyone had more children, since the infant mortality rate was high.

Infant mortality comes down with income.

Kindly, check out, the average number of children born for Muslims could be marginally higher than the average of MIDDLECLASS Hindus. But it would not be statistically different from poor Hindus. Hence compare it with like. You do not compare apples with oranges.

So poverty is the issue.

And how come as Hindus we need to feel inferior? what is is rubbish of pampering the Muslims? If they are pampered they should be doing well in life is'nt it? How come they are poor? How come they do not represent their numbers in every walk of life?

The whole 'p-sec' is created by mischievous people to mislead. It was created because they were not able to come to power. Because Congress could get the Muslim votes. If BJP is smart, they should court Muslim votes by promising heaven like most politicians do than create hatred.

Lies which do not create hatred to me, seem better than that create hatred, mayhem and social instability.

Hence, for me Modi is a liar (if he said, what he said), and a liar who is out create fear psychosis in the minds of ordinary Hindus. To create fear in the minds of Muslims. Scared people vote with their feet.

And any one who wants revenge, must be living in a 'jungle'. Any one who kills is a criminal. There are no Hindu, Christian, Muslim, Parsi, Gujarati, Marathi killers. They are KILLERS.and CRIMINALS. and must be dealt with so.

It is like saying that it is OK if I am raped by a person from my community. A rapist is a rapist. a CRIMINAL. and must be treated the same way, - irrespective of his faith.


June 2, 2006
01:25 PM

And another thing, i forgot to mention. When Raj says Modi won the elections, and that he represents the will of people is another lie that the way our electoral democracy is 'designed'.

What percentage of votes did Mr. Modi poll? 100%? who is this we, when Raj says that any one who is against Modi is against Gujaratis.

Aren't Muslims from Gujarat Gujaratis? I know some of them who ran away from the state and came down south to make a living. They speak Gujarati! and the women dress like Gujaratis. Till i spoke to them I could not figure out that they were Muslims!

Mr. Raj, I am sure you would agree if there was a representational democracy, i.e., seats in the Assembly or Parliament are alloted on the basis of percentage of votes polled, which is a better representation than the mangled system that we have, I guess you would see that Modi does not represent 100% of Gujarat. Forget about every one in Gujarat. He would not even represent 100% of Hindus.

Are you saying that those Hindus, forget about Muslims for a while, who do not or did not vote for Mr. Modi are anti-Gujarat or anti-Gujarati?

I know in this part of India some very nice Gujarati's. I grew up with them. I thought they were nice people. Peace loving people. If all Gujaratis are your type, I would be ashamed of being calling myself Indian with such a 100% hatred mongering, vengeful, violent, Gujaratis being a part of India.

I need to check my history or some ancient history or archaeology. Probably, the Father of Nation was not a Modi type Gujarati. Probably he was an Indian. I would like to be called that 'type' of Indian. Even when pseudo people who can't do their math, and allow their thinking go to sleep call me pseudo this or pseudo that.

Pseudo is a lie. Modi, for what he seems to have said is a liar. You decide, sir who is psuedo.

Roads, do not make a nation. Nor some cement and concrete which which would allow us to drive fast.

I guess, in my humble belief - people make a nation. Their behavior determines the character of a nation.

True democracy is when even people who disagree with you have a space.

I am happy this space is offering enough 'space' to the venom, basal instincts bordering on inhuman, not to speak of intolerant ideas.

Let thousand flowers bloom and million thoughts contend.

Thanks heavens, there is tolerance - however mauled, still alive!


June 2, 2006
01:31 PM

Balaji, write for Desicritics - see this article and email me.

Mayank 'Austen'
June 3, 2006
01:26 AM

Balaji, a salute to you. I feel I'm in some company after all! Thanks.

June 6, 2006
09:04 AM

The shortest path to secular pantheon, take a crap on Modi.

June 6, 2006
11:08 AM

That's too much for some one who does not need it.

Like this biased stuff about lawyers. Lawyers pl pardon.

What is the difference bettween a bucket of crap and a lawyer?

Ans: The bucket.

Any ways. I must congratulate Mayank for bring out the best in each one of the commenters.

Hat's off Mayank. Often, truth hurts!

Funny the ways of the world. Secularism had to be discovered to deal with bigotry.

I guess we need to find a newer word for secular. Probably - being human? Humanism?

June 8, 2006
11:26 PM

Frankly, I don't see the purpose of Hindu-Muslim conflict. I really feel that we have to change for the better: We need to convert the conflict into an Infidel-vs-Muslim conflict. Rather than being narrow-minded and identifying ourselves as Hindus, we should be more inclusive and identify ourselves with the broader infidel non-Muslim community. This will allow the conflict against Muslim fanaticism to be more effectively waged -- and won. No point in settling for stalemate, when progressive people from all communities can join hands to bring defeat, despair and self-doubt to the Islamists. The Islamists will not be able to change for the better unless they are pushed to. That's why we should wear the Infidel badge with pride.

June 8, 2006
11:45 PM


You said it!!

Islamists all over the world have to change and believe me the west they are feeling the heat and being pushed.

The extreme words or theories they use like 'fatwa' and 'talak' are being disowned by them--especially the younger generation.

But in India we have a long way to go...what with our politicians only interested in vote banks.

June 9, 2006
04:14 AM

Every religion sees the other as infidel.

Heard something called 'mlechhas' in sanskrit?

That is the problem. Religion is the cocaine for people.

One gets delusions of grandeur.

Every one who is Muslim is not a terrorist. Every Hindu is not a murderer, because a yadav or a sharma were involved in murdering a girl for not serving liquor. As simple.

Categorizations are mental structures to understand the world. Not to become hostage and slaves of them. and abandon critical thinking.

Do all Americans become criminals for some Americans who abused prisoners at Gitmo or Abu Ghraib?

Sanity demands that when one deals with criminals that one does not become a criminal in thinking. and doing. and communicating.

Jingoism, like most other isms is that - an ism.

Most of the isms have become wasms.

Mind often acts like a Lemming. The one that we hate consumes us so much that we become the other. Imitate the other. Act out the other. And enter a never-ending abyss of human darkness.

March 6, 2007
03:26 PM

its high time our youth understands d hittler styled ruling cannot work wid present environment...people of gujarat should be now responsible enough to kick him off his throne..

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