Is Environmental Conservation A Stop To Evolution?

May 29, 2006

Is conservation our attempt to tamper with Evolution and danger it forever?

If Natural Selection theory is treated as gospel then we understand that existence moves from lower to higher level - then by giving the lower organisms - lower existences - a better than natural chance and probability of survival then are we not tampering with the future of our evolution? Are we not guaranteeing survival of the "not-so-fittest"??

On the other hand, if Intelligence and Consciousness is considered true then we have an element of "evolution" or growth - from lower consciousness to a higher consciousness. So as more and more humans replace the animals and other lower organisms, does it not mean that consciousness is finally getting a shot at greater evolution and has at least shifted as an aggregate at a higher "orbit of consciousness"? By encouraging sustained life of animals are we not restraining - artifically - the consciousness to lower levels?

Whatever we have manifested - through our brains and actions i.e.; destruction of environment was part of our involution to start with. It has merely evolved now. We are not attempting something that was not part of consciousness or a stranger to it anyways!

Personally, I am for conservation but I tried to use these two paradigms to think through the future sanctity of the eternal principles!

What are your thoughts?

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May 29, 2006
09:18 AM

if it is to be said that preserving the status quo or conservation of species that are 'naturally' meant to disappear is at odds with the natural plan then the concern about this contrived man-made conflict shouldn't exist unless you believe that free will and a natural plan (eternal principles) can coexist.

If there is a natural plan then there can be no free will or if even free will seems to exist it perforce has to be a part of the plan. If this explanation is plausible, then your concern ceases to be a concern.

If there is no natural plan, then it is all a consequence of free will. If this explanation is plausible, then your concern ceases to exist. In fact it wouldn't even arise.

You seem to have grasped a sliver of the involuble truth when you talk about evolution of consciousness.

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