Can You Make Money From Blogging?

May 27, 2006
kamla bhatt

Blogging has arrived and there is money to be made.

I recently spoke with two power bloggers: Rafat Ali of Lost Angeles, USA and Amit Agarwal of Agra, India. You can listen to how Rafat started blogging to get a job, but it turned out that he ended up creating his own job.  Amit left his engineering job and started a new career as a professional blogger and web consultant. Amit's podcast interview also provides tips for effective blogging.

Interestingly, both are engineers turned bloggers. Rafat has an engineering degree from Aligarh Muslim University and Amit from IIT, Roorkee. Rafat started working in PR and advertising agency right after his graduation, and eventually got a degree in journalism from Indiana University. Amit's first job was as a software engineer.

Rafat's blog has evolved from a one-person show into a full-fledged news media-startup. Currently he has a clutch of writers spread across the world who file news and reports on mobile and digital technology. He is the editor and publisher of, Moconews and ContentSutra. He uses blogging tools and points out that this helps him run an agile and low-cost operation. The combined hits on his site is about 5 million a month. The main revenue stream for Rafat is from advertisements.

Amit's blog Digital Inspiration is also a lean machine. He recently moved into an office and writes anywhere from 3-7 posts a day. His focus is on writing product reviews, tips on productivity and providing updates on the constant slew of products that come from Google, MSN and Yahoo. Amit's blog sees a high level of traffic and his revenue stream is also from advertisements. Besides blogging, Amit also writes for some publications and a TV show.

The story of the power bloggers shows there is money to be made in blogging. But, this requires focus and dedication and most importantly staying a bit ahead of the curve. Bottomline: both enjoy what they are doing and don't see it as work. Probably that is the most important take-away.

Kamla Bhatt produces and hosts an Internet radio show The show is also featured on a Silicon Valley-based She blogs at and, a travel blog. Life, People and Ideas is the underlying and unifying theme for her show and blogs.
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May 27, 2006
11:41 PM

Can You Make Money From Blogging? Certainly...Kamla great review.

May 28, 2006
02:13 AM

Heres one site you can convert your passion into some dollars

May 28, 2006
11:27 AM

Thanks for reading the post and for your comments Dr. Politics and Righta.


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