Caught In The Agitation Against Reservation: Fact & Fiction

May 20, 2006

Anil, a medical student, and a single child of his parents, is gathered around a large group of other students inside the premises of his college. The chaos around the whole area with more than a thousand students has led him to get totally involved in the situation. He was able to hear only his close friend Nikhil's voice because of the loud shouts and yelling of other students.

"Hey, I am telling you, it is not a good idea to go out there like this" said Nikhil to another student name Gaurav. Gaurav replied, "Listen, we are not going to tolerate this and we are not alone, we have more than thousand students with us."

Anil was not able to understand what he must do. He was confused because Nikhil was not in favour of violent agitation and Gaurav was too excited and enthusiastic to display his courage in front of the camera. Anil silently observed everything around him.

The students began to move out of the college premises and onto the open road. Gaurav said, "Hey, come on, let's go. We don't have much time." Nikhil asked Anil, "What do you want to do? I am not in favour of such a violent agitation." Anil replied, "Me neither. Besides, we don't even know Gaurav."

Gaurav forced both of them to join him and walked toward a nearby Government Office. All the thousand students were wearing the white coat holding differently sized banners shouting different slogans against reservation. Anil couldn't hear what the students were shouting because all the students were saying something different. He hesitantly walked with Nikhil and Gaurav.

Gaurav was taking the lead and held Nikhil and Anil by his arms and strode confidently in the front line of the group. After an hour, they all reached to the Government office. Students didn't hesitate when they saw a couple of large police vans parked outside the Government Office. Cops wearing shields on their face holding a long thick bamboo stick stood in a line ready for any command.

Anil wondered why the students are not stopping; the cops are standing in front to defend. Nikhil said, "Gaurav, I think we walked enough. We should stop here." Gaurav aggressively replied, "To hell with these coward cops, they can't do anything to us."

Just a few yards off the Government offices, the cops began to walk toward the students. Students still continued walking, shouting and yelling, waving their banners violently. Anil was beginning to feel the tension but Gaurav held his arms tightly. Students were nearing and cops were hitting the ground with their long sticks and swinging in the air.

Just a few feet away, cops suddenly strode toward them raising their bamboo sticks and started pushing the students back. A tall, dark and hefty cop gave a violent push to Anil and Gaurav. Nikhil snapped, "Run Anil, run."

Gaurav pushed one of the cops and within seconds three other cops surrounded him. Anil saw Nikhil running away and then saw Gaurav surrounded by cops and was about to get a horrible beating. In all the chaos, Anil pushed one of the cops and held Gaurav's hand and tried to get out of the circle of cops.

As he was about to succeed getting out of the 'chakraviyu', a cop running toward him from the side swung his long thick bamboo stick right on his cheek bone and he fell flat on the ground bleeding. He wasn't unconscious. Gaurav managed to get away with his break neck running speed, without a scratch.

The sound of the chaos was deafening. Students who ran away were still shouting with their slogans. Anil was bleeding profusely from the eyebrows and gradually looked up. He saw the students scattered all over the place and cops were circling few students, beating them with their sticks one by one. He got a shiver down to his spine hearing the loud flat sound of the sticks hitting the bodies of the students. He also saw not a single girl student was beaten up.

As he looked up, another cop came by and swung his stick right on his calves, he screamed. He tried to get up but another cop came and held him by his hair and gave a hard blow with his elbow on his lower back. He fell down again in immense pain.

He began to feel dizzy and tried again to get up. He looked at one cop staring at him angrily came running toward him and kicked him right on his face. This time, he passed out. He was not moving. His eyes were shut and he couldn't hear any noise.

A cop held his jeans from the bottom and dragged him to the police van and dumped his unconscious body into the van with other badly injured male students.

I am frantically independent and rebellious by nature. Profoundly philosophical, have also written hundreds of poetries, short stories, quotations on philosophy. Author of two books, five others in process. Exceedingly private person. Favourite place in the World - Home and Library.
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Caught In The Agitation Against Reservation: Fact & Fiction


Author: Rebel


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May 20, 2006
02:19 AM

"He also saw not a single girl student was beaten up"

Even hereeee. Why is there only one used & abused one-sided crooked perspective? Dont you have anything else to write?

Young minds are agitated about unjust reservations and you want to make this a 'male and female issue' too.

Why are you DIVIDING.

Look beyond.

May 20, 2006
02:29 AM

Did you see any girl beaten up with bamboo sticks the way guys were beaten up on television ?
No...then why don't you just continue killing your idle time.

I know Desicritics is a breeding ground of feminists and I was sure that even if I write the truth, there will be immense pain felt in the stomach of feminists and they will leave such ridiculous comment as you did justifying how much physical love and affection you'll have with the same gender(female).

May 20, 2006
05:42 AM

Anti-Reservation update: (Medical student gets naked to protest).

Star News is showing:

"I do not want Democracy" says Sunny Siddhu, a Medical Student who got "naked" holding only a guitar (like Flea of Red Hot Chilli Peppers) and started playing.

May 20, 2006
07:52 AM

I did see a girl bloodied up in the anti-reservation coverage, but thats sensationalism which drives viewership, will a bloodied up man attract that much interest?. If the protests were lesser dramatic like getting naked and sweeping the public road with brooms, will they attract any media especially since it has been over a week of protests?.

So if you protest try to be novel, make sure it has shock-value. But..... what happens after you get the spot light, what does it take to remove the injustice?. Unless there is a vested interest, even injustice won't be removed

May 20, 2006
11:04 AM

I know Desicritics is a breeding ground of feminists and I was sure that even if I write the truth, there will be immense pain felt in the stomach of feminists and they will leave such ridiculous comment as you did justifying how much physical love and affection you'll have with the same gender(female).

as billy crystal says "mahvellous"...you
must be a very learned, insightful sage...and as beady (dr.bhaskar dasgupta for you) signs off....take this .... :)

May 20, 2006
11:49 AM

Clap clap clap clap clap. Temporal, this isn't for you, don't start flying in the air.

btw, what do you mean "take this" huh?

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