Student Protests Against Reservations - Hate the Police

May 15, 2006
Police caned students outside the governor’s bungalow at Walkeshwar where they had assembled on Saturday to protest against an increase in reservation quotas in private and public educational institutions for those belonging to the other backward classes.”

“Twenty students suffered fractures and two were seriously injured.”

“Students suffered jaw fractures and knee-joint injuries.”

Fuck It. This is just too fucking irritating. I knew this was gonna happen. Don’t you ever get the feeling that we’re all being conned here? We’re not living in a democracy, it’s just a more refined and subtle form of tyranny. I mean fuck, if students can’t even protest peacefully without being beaten up, what sort of a democracy are we? And then that cunt Arjun Singh has the guts to tell us to maintain restraint and that our anger isn’t justified.

I say fuck restraint. Seriously. Fuck peaceful protests. Give them a taste of their own medicine. If they’re gonna use water cannons to disperse legitimate, peaceful protests, stone the fucks. Grab the lathis and hit back. I say fight the fuck back. Launch a vendetta against that fucking DCP who ordered the lathi-charge. Sicilian style. It might be time to bring on the whole fucking revolution. Don’t let yourself be marginalised and ignored once again. Bring out the Molotov cocktails. The country-made weapons and the IEDs. [EDITED] I don’t want you to tell me to keep restraint. Say that when you have a gun to your fucking head. I dare you bitch.

I’m praying for civil war. i’m praying for a fucking student revolution. I want to see the fucking cops scared out of their wits. I want them running for cover. I want urban guerilla warfare. I want to see gangs of youth destroying government institutions. I want Project Mayhem to look like kiddie play. I want the cunts in power to realize that we gave them the power that they abuse so freely. I want those cunts dead.

But obviously that’s not happening ( fingers crossed ).

So what I want is for you to do whatever you can. I want you to join any protests in your city. I want you to spend some of your precious time making your opinions heard. I want you to write letters to newspapers, TV networks, I want you to call in to radio shows.

Be vocal. Be firm. And be fucking LOUD.

DNA India has a campaign going on. I don’t know of any others as yet. Tell me as you come to know, i’ll edit this post to add the addresses. Write about this on your blog. You owe it to the country. If you’re not patriotic, and i can see why some of you aren’t that enthusiastic about this country, do it out of a sense of social consciousness, or just plain because you don’t fucking appreciate your rights being violated.

send your mails at

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Harry is a 20 year old engineering student, a freelancer, a weird techy, a creepy lover, a good cook, a blood thirsty human being with a brain factory that spits out opinions that hardly make any sense. Just like the previous line....
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Student Protests Against Reservations - Hate the Police


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deepti lamba
May 15, 2006
11:51 AM

Harry, when the indian parliament was attacked most delhiites had no sympathy for the politicians stuck inside and we all know why don't we?

They think we, the public, are their jaizaat to dispose off as they see fit. Yup, fuck them all!!

deepti lamba
May 15, 2006
11:59 AM

This is the other version given by the police commissioner AN Roy

There was no lathicharge, says Roy

City police commissioner AN Roy, who has been asked to probe the lathicharge on medical students on Saturday evening by deputy chief minister RR Patil, claimed that the students had gone to Raj Bhavan, the official residence of the governor, to protest, without intimating the police.

Roy said, "The medical students were protesting at Azad Maidan for the past two days and it was very peaceful. There was no ruckus."

He added, "Trouble started when students began to move in small groups towards Raj Bhavan in buses and taxis after disbursing from Azad Maidan."
"The matter went out of control when students lied down on the road, and when the officials of the Malabar Hill police station tried to disburse them, some of them tried to sneak into the Raj Bhavan premises and climb over the Afghan consulate wall," the police commissioner said.

He added that out of the 125 youngsters who were arrested, only 68 were medical students.

The police are investigating the role of the 57 non-medical students who had joined the protest.

May 15, 2006
01:32 PM

What you saw is the true India.

What is democracy? What is the meaning of constitution when it is amended by every Tom, Dick and Harry?

In short, India is a Terrorist State.
Here only terror works.

There is no difference between police and criminals in this country.

If Sonia Gandhi is so principled, then why she is not making a statement till now on this issue?

May 15, 2006
02:24 PM

Yes some offenses get more media coverage, some won't. We can't do 'fucking'(sorry I got that hangover after the read) much about all this, since we don't bother until we are the one's affected.

May 15, 2006
03:13 PM

you culd go a little easy on the swear words. after all u are only passing opinion and restraint culd add dignity. its a nice article anyways.

May 15, 2006
05:40 PM

Swear words are perfectly ok if the author means what he says.

students getting fucked regularly happens in Kerala... i have a friend who has a couple of teeth missing because of police brutuality... the fun part is just an hour before the police went cukoo, i was talking to this guy about the protest the students were about to make.. and he told me he never was in the whole business.. it was because of his brother that he was there... at the end of the day, it was so brutual that people who were not in the protests were beaten up badly...including my friend..

basically India is in a situation where only a few things can help it. and that help has to come from the change in the attitude of the people. This cannot be fuelled by politics or the government... its only thru secular education without a slightest tinge of religion that can work this miracle...Its gonna take a couple of centuries, in the least

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