Four Haiku

April 28, 2006
Moushumi Chakrabarty

through the blinds
moonlight on my bed


little hand in mine
gold leaves on the path
twist away


last day together
a boat breaks up
our reflections


the aspen's shadow
barely quivers on the lawn

Moushumi Chakrabarty is an author in Ontario, Canada. Her second home is on the Internet. She's into history, nostalgia, spirituality, food, movies and many things Indian.
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Four Haiku


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Author: Moushumi Chakrabarty


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Mayank 'Austen'
April 29, 2006
03:08 AM

Fabulous compositions. Your haikus are very thoughtful, deep and very.....very...oh what must be the word.....yes...tangible!

April 29, 2006
07:12 AM

thankyou, mayank!

Mayank 'Austen'
April 29, 2006
07:23 AM

Moushumi, few days back i too had posted few haikus. i will really appreciate if you'll take some time to go through them. my haikus are not that deep or reflective like yours but still i will like to know your opinion. your honest opinion that is. here's the link:

May 1, 2006
10:54 AM

Hi Mayank,
I read your haikus carefully. I'm always a little wary about commenting on other people's work simply because I know the kind of work that goes into composing three-four lines of poetry. But you asked - so here goes: I'm no expert. Still, I think you need to work on your images a bit more. 'Show, don't tell' has been a revered maxim for writers over time. And with good reason. Maybe you should concentrate on images rather than words.
Good luck.

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