I Love Dhoni

April 20, 2006
Sakshi Juneja

As the title suggests; this is my love confession for Indian cricket's new superstar Mahendra Singh Dhoni.

Dhoni is ICC's batsman No 1

Jab Dhoni ghumayee apna balla,
Crowd machayee jorse halla.
Jab woh maare sixer,
Opposition bhi bole, 'What a hitter!'.

Uske lambe ghane baal,
Kabhi black toh kabhi laal.
Dhoni ki strength ka raaz,
Everyday doodh; sirf 10 gelass.

Oh ! I love you Dhoni,
Ki ab loog mujhe bulayee 'loony'.

Mummy jab doondhe pyaari se ladki,
Please mujhe maat bholna...
Akhir shaadi ki kataar mein,
'Mein bhi hoon na'.

*Special Note :

Yes, I realise that the above is a very lame attempt, but there are certain issues that one needs to get out of their system, before they drive you insane.

*News :

Mahendra Singh Dhoni became the world's top batsman in one-day rankings with his average of 52.76 and an awesome strike-rate of 103. Since making his debut in December 2004, Dhoni has played in 42 matches and has scored two hundreds and eight fifties. Dhoni is one of three India batsmen in the top 10 places with captain Rahul Dravid ninth (up two places) and Yuvraj Singh (10th) also featuring.

Saakshi O. Juneja is an active blogger, feminist and overboard dog lover. Currently working as a Business Development Manager for a sportswear manufacturing company in Mumbai, India. Did graduation in Marketing & Advertising from Sydney, Australia. As far as blogging is a complete Blog-a-holic.
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I Love Dhoni


Author: Sakshi Juneja


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April 20, 2006
06:43 AM

You have broken millions of hearts today.

Anil Menon
April 20, 2006
06:51 AM

Sakshi: I first read the title as "I Love Yoni". Needless to say, I didn't need that early morning coffee. But alas. The piece was a monologue about Dhoni. Nice. Interesting. But I've to echo Pratyush's comment. :-)

April 20, 2006
11:42 AM

Pratyush & Anil - guys are being so nice. But you have to understand that he is just one of those un-attainable crush that a lady goes thru, so there is still hope for the (millions) of guys around. :)

Would be nice to actually meet them, though.

April 20, 2006
04:48 PM

That picture is eye-candy for sure! drool, husband's not going to like this, but I can dream, can't I?

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