Paris Hilton is Mother Theresa

April 05, 2006
Grumpy Old Indian Man

We gonna turn this Mother out.

Just when you thought it couldn't get any Kali Yuggier — the gast to flabber ratio goes up a few notches more.

Award-winning Malayalam director T.Rajeevnath is wooing Paris Hilton for his Mother Theresa bio-pic. And they say Mallus have no sense of humor. The Black Ho of Calcutta jokes alone should be well worth the price of admission.

The prospect of this fim is certain to make Christopher Hitchens chortle into his whisky and soda - his book 'The Missionary Position' famously took Mother T. to bits for her consorting with despots, accepting dirty money, and providing inadequate care for the poor.

Well pay back is a - well apparently, its an heiress.


Grumpy Old Indian Man because there's so much to complain about.
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deepti lamba
April 5, 2006
12:03 PM

The lady is dead and making slanderous jokes about a dead saint is in bad taste...or is it?? Grumpy, my mind is all warped.....can't stop laughing...shame on have dragged me down to the pits of hell with your brilliant sense of humor ;)

April 5, 2006
12:22 PM

Deepti My dear .. In any case rumor has it the best parties will be in hell ... I say we dress in light cottons and enjoy ourselves :)

Mr. Real Estate
April 5, 2006
03:08 PM

Find out more about the scandalous news on Paris Hilton playing Mother Thersa at Blogcritics.

May 25, 2007
09:33 AM

where get budda info ?

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