Akbarallys Workers Dispute - Settlement Reached

April 04, 2006
Sakshi Juneja

Update - Workers and management of Akbarallys store have reached a settlement.

This will probably be my final update on the Akbarallys-Santacruz workers' dispute. Hopefully if and when another one comes up, I hope it's better news than this time.

My friend, who passes the store on a daily basis, saw it open the other day. She approached the workers sitting outside and learnt that a settlement has been reached. She immediately called and informed me about the news.

The management finally decided upon a settlement. They are willing to give every worker a sum of seventy thousand rupees, they had initially decided on fifty thousand. They have come up by just twenty thousand rupees, where as the workers demand was one lakh-fifty thousand rupees.

The owner has opened the store on a daily basis for the last few days. Goods from the warehouse get loaded into the shop and it is then handed over to its respective manufacturers.

Workers still sit outside the store everyday and will continue to do so until they acquire their well deserved dues.

They all seemed disappointed and tired...tired of their daily struggle and harassment. One of them mentioned "Even though we are not satisfied, if one agrees, others don't have much choice but to agree with the given settlement. There isn't much that can be done. Wasting any more time doesn't make sense."

Hope things had ended on a better note than the current situation.

As usual the system favored the powerful and influential, whereas the rest can just go to hell!

Anyway I wish the workers all the very best in the future.

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Akbarallys Workers Dispute - Settlement Reached


Author: Sakshi Juneja


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April 4, 2006
02:07 PM

Why is this unfair to the workers? What makes their original demand any more valid than the final settlement amount? Looks like both sides have acted in good faith and settled on a compromise amount. The question is, will the workers fritter the money away, or leverage it to get other jobs/make downpayments on their own business ventures, etc.?

April 4, 2006
02:15 PM

Aaman - As mentioned in my previous posts on this topic, on an average the workers have been working in this store for the past 20 yrs. After 20 yrs of service...all they get is 70 grand, do you think this amount is feasible ? The property is worth more than 35 crores. And not to forget the trauma...that they have undergone for the past few months. The manner in which they were dismissed....was that correct?

The owners have just taken benefit of the system and the economic condidtions of the workers...where court cases can go on for years.. and the poor workers can't survive such long periods.

As for how they use the money...well it's up to them.

April 5, 2006
07:50 AM

It is sad. Unfortunately the workers don't have the time & resources to see the matter through in court. So one can understand why they are taking the 70 grand.

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