Shakespeare: A Pervert?

March 31, 2006

What can I say about William Shakespeare? Nothing I should think as I am no authority on The Bard. His complete works weighs down my book shelf and I have every intention of reading the entire thing. One day. Honest.

We've credited him with adding over 1,700 common words to our vocabulary, quoted him and made movies about him.

And now,

A new edition of Shakespeare's collected works reveals that smuttiness is at the very heart of the Bard's plays. Heloise Senechal, the textual editor of The RSC Shakespeare, joins Mark Lawson to explain why she thinks previous editions have been too prudish, and how computer techniques helped her uncover the fact that Shakespeare's work is absolutely 'packed with filth'.

Source: The BBC website.

To listen to an interview with Heloise Senechal go

And scroll down till you see Filthy Shakespeare.

It's a segment on a show called Front Row.

Very interesting, indeed.

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March 31, 2006
10:12 AM

Bit too short, but thanks. Perhaps you will expand more

I've always known Shakespeare was a smut - his porter's speech in Macbeth is but one example.

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