Why Jimmy Carter Makes No Sense: The India Nuke Deal

March 30, 2006

Jimmy Carter the former US President wrote an Op-Ed piece on the recent nuclear deal with India.

The only substantive commitment among nuclear-weapon states and others is the 1970 Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), accepted by the five original nuclear powers and 182 other nations. Its key objective is "to prevent the spread of nuclear weapons and weapons technology . . . and to further the goal of achieving nuclear disarmament." At the five-year U.N. review conference in 2005, only Israel, North Korea, India and Pakistan were not participating — three with proven arsenals. [link]

What he writes is his subjective opinion and I for one don't care as to what he really says or feels. There is this unnerving shadow of former Presidents over all things in the political and public life of the US. In many a case they have axes to grind with the current President, and therefore their rationale gets diluted in this struggle.

To put India in the same category as North Korea, is plain and pure bullshit. North Korea is the world's only nation ruled by a despot leader. In the same group is Iran, who has a very rough history of democratic processes and who is a sworn enemy of the US. The feelings in the US vis vis Iran are the same. And then of course there is Israel. The darling of the US crowd.

Jimmy does not have a problem when it comes to Israel. Israel has for years been the darling of the US. More aid, money and technology transfer flows to Israel than any other country. Israel has at best a dodgy record when it comes to international relations. By allowing its citizens to occupy Palestinian lands, it encourages and supports strife and terror in that part of the world. For some reason the US overlooks that consistently and allows it access to arms and ammunition technology.

Amongst the four nations mentioned, India is the only one who does not need the technology to safeguard its borders. We have that already.

The tests in 1998 brought India to the forefront of the "nuclear countries". At that time the 7 countries that were in possession of nukes did not want others to have it. They wanted to disarm all and not allow anyone to make their own nukes. The idea in its basic premise is great. But what about the destruction of existing arsenals that these countries possess. There was never a timetable for that. Not even a mention. Surprising as it may seem, Jimmy Carter is so un-Democratic in his view on this.

A very compelling argument is made here by Penraker

India already has nuclear weapons. They exploded a bomb years ago. The nuclear deal we made with them will allow India to reduce its oil importation, and will keep oil prices lower. It will reduce revenues flowing to states such as Iran, who will use those revenues to build bombs

The use of nuclear technology for civilian uses seems such an alien concept to Jimmy Carter. This is because he sees everything through the myopic lenses of a Western critic, oblivious of the situations, political and otherwise in the benefactor country.

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Why Jimmy Carter Makes No Sense: The India Nuke Deal


Author: arZan


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March 31, 2006
07:09 AM

Carter says:

"Another long-standing policy has been publicly reversed by our threatening first use of nuclear weapons against non-nuclear states."

Does the man even know that Japan was non-nuclear in '45?

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